Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

We went to Ellensburg for Christmas time. It was very nice to relax and sleep in, while G&G took care of the monkeys (mainly Veronica since her age is full of monkeying around).

Veronica enjoyed opening up gifts... (Grandma made her a smock)

playing in the snow...riding on the sled

eating ketchup (she would have eaten a whole bottle if we let her)....

We also went to Great G&G Scellick's house on Christmas Eve, where Veronica met all of her Great Uncles & Aunts on that side for the first time. Great Aunt Sharon stated, "She's a firecracker," to which we replied wholeheartedly, "Yes she is!"
Although she had tons of energy, she was very well behaved, which made her parents happy.

Veronica is eating at the same table Ben ate at when he was a boy.

Great Grandma Scellick

Great Grandpa Scellick

The girls with their granny.

Reindeer girl

A new tradition will be getting toothbrushes for Christmas.
Veronica is teaching daddy the value of good oral hygiene.

Grandpa and his girls...

Another wonderful gift this Christmas was the birth of my nephew Lucas Arthur. My sister-in-law Adrienne had high blood pressure the last month (his due date was January 15) so they induced to ensure her safety and baby's. He was born December 23rd. He is very adorable and I get to meet him next Wednesday. I'm so use to bearing the children for the family, so being an aunt and receiving a nephew is a precious gift to me. I swell up with pride to know my brother is a daddy and joins the honorable ranks of parenthood. I also swell up with pride knowing that I am an aunt and find this new title to be one of great honor and responsibility.


a.a. said...

what a cute little peanut!!! welcome to the world, lucas! :)

auntie amber-in-law :)

Quinn said...

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are a tradition in our family also. Sophia was so excited to find a Dora toothbrush and Thomas the Train toothpaste in her stocking!

Jenny said...

Adore the new header!