Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent & Motherhood

Advent is here and we have tried to make it a family tradition to celebrate the season focusing on Jesus coming to Earth. On Sunday the song, 'O Come O Come Immanuel,' really caught my attention through the words, "and ransom captive Israel." One reason is that if we had a boy his name would have been Jude Ransom. Ransom means redemption. I was thinking about substituting, "and redemption for captive Israel." I was thinking about the captivity these people were going through and how through oppression of the Roman Empire they truly sought redemption from the promised Savior.

This led me to think of the month of November at Hillcrest and how we have been focusing on the lost & least of these (human trafficking, child abuse, basically people who are oppressed in our world). I thought of these people in their current situations (happening as I write this) and think how they must be praying those same prayers as the Jews before Christ came. In this season of Advent, my prayer is to pray for those who are being persecuted and cry out for redemption.

In terms of motherhood, I have also realized how I as a mother put unnecessary guilt on myself. I think mothers can do this a lot. On Sunday a lady shared a very vulnerable story of her past that would seem almost too unforgivable, unforgivable in the sense of guilt and shame on self. I realized that sense of guilt and shame put on self is one of the hardest things to forgive. It can really be hard to forgive self--myself. My personal prayer in this season of Advent as a child of the Living God (wife, mother, etc other roles) is to live in the grace offered to me in the ransom paid for by Christ the Immanuel.

I guess it's in the times when I don't "have it together" as a mom--to not beat myself up about it, but learn from the mistake, ask for forgiveness, and walk in that forgiveness. I hope you find Christ the Immanuel and your 'ransom captive Israel' in this season of Christmas.

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