Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stalling at all costs

One thing that is quite remarkable about children is their capability of learning how to stall or freeze time to their advantage, especially when you think 22 months is too young to comprehend this notion. Ya see, Veronica knows that the word "pee pee" or "poo poo" has much power in this household. It means business for mommy or daddy when she says it. Here's a glimpse into this world:

Veronica: "Uh Oh...Pee Pees!"
Mommy: "Did you go pee pees?"
Veronica: (glazed stare) "YEEEAAAH!!"
Mommy: "That's okay--it happens!"

Veronica: "Pee Pees?"
Mommy: "Do you need to go pee pees?"
Veronica: "YEEEAAAHH!"
Mommy: "Okay let's go to the potty."

{Right before bed, while she's already lying down and we're about to leave}
Veronica: (with much enthusiasm and gusto) "PEE PEES, PEE PEES, PEE PEES!!!"
Mommy or Daddy: "Do you need to go pee pees?"
Veronica: (with even more enthusiasm and fast movement out of the bed) "YEAH!" as she's running down the hall.

{Tonight before bed while she's already lying down}
Veronica: "POO POOS!"
Ben: (asks with hesitation) "Do you need to go poo poos?"
Veronica: (hurries out of bed saying) "YEAH!!"
She gets onto the potty and starts grunting, but only farts, which makes her say with a smile, "Fars, fars."

Her other methods of stalling are to try to get more books to be read to her, even though she has a two book policy before bedtimes.

The other method is to be as sweet as possible and start talking about the baby's arrival. She will go and point at the crib and say, "Baby Soon?" She then babbles on about the baby.


Today marks 17 days before my due date and I told Ben if I was a betting woman, I would say there is a 80% chance of the baby being born this week. I'm basing this on how I've been feeling these past couple days. We've decided on names for our daughter or son in the womb, but you'll just have to wait to find out the name once this little one arrives (or if I get too antsy to keep it a secret then you'll know before).


Jenny said...

Keep it a secret! You're so close!!! So much more effective when you post the full name and weight under the brand new baby photo.

Amber said...

Yah, I think that all kids no matter their ages, knows that they really do hold the power over us! Especially if they top it off with a smile! Veronica is too smart for her own good!

Hope your feeling good! I know how anxious you must be feeling!!! Are you nesting yet?

Adrienne said...

i know i know! but i'm special! :)

a.a. said...

i know too!!! aunties get special privileges!!! being an auntie is the best. i get love, hugs and kisses and then i can pass them onto to grandma when they've pooped themselves. :)

amy said...

So exciting that you are so close! Can't wait to hear the news!

KAMILLE said...

Jenny--yeah I'll keep it a secret. Glad to know you're going to make the oatmeal carmelitas--so good!

Amber--I think I'm past nesting, b/c I just feel antsy at this point and don't feel like doing anything that revolves around domesticity. I'm looking forward to meeting this little one.

A.A.--You're right on being privy to the news as one of the honored aunties! I hear little turned the computer off on your video cam time--stinker.

Adrienne--yes you are truly lucky!

Jenny said...

I keep seeing the Facebook updates and I'm so excited for you. Ben wrote that you were close 30 minutes ago. I'm wondering if he/she's been born... I'm also wondering how long you need to rest and recover before you're up to posting your precious bundle. Technology is wonderful.