Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sisters, sisters, sisters

The day after Cadence was born I was reminded of the song in "A White Christmas" called 'Sisters,' which made me think of my little girls. As I already wrote in yesterday's post, Veronica has been warming up to her new baby sister. Here are some things she has said or done to welcome her to the family.

1. Due to her 'Baby Happy Baby Sad' book, Veronica will continually say with much empathy, "Baby Sad!" What's funny is she might say it while Cadence is sleeping and Veronica is actually the sad one.

2. I asked Veronica if she would gently push the glider while Cadence was in it and crying. She did a great job pushing very gently. Later on she began to push the glider again, unaware of how strong she can be, I see Cadence's head going side to side. Still working on the gentle part.

3. She knows that you gently "pat" dogs & cats, and she puts her baby sister in this category. She'll inform us that she is patting her sister, which is a good thing, except when it's right on her face.

4. Every morning she runs into the bedroom and asks, "Baby?" while peering into the bassinet to see if baby Cadence is there.

5. Today was her most curious day peering at Cadence's shut eyes while asleep in the glider. Veronica would get close to Cadence and whisper, "baby quiet," or "Tadence quiet," or "baby sweet."


a.a. said...

Veronica tries to say her name???? that's so sweet! i knew she would be a good big sister... :)

Jenny said...

I love her little beanie. That top picture is just precious! Good to hear Veronica's warming up to little sis. They're just cute.

Adrienne said...

lol! so cute. i love it. these are precious photos kamille.

a.a. said...

you HAVE to get a video of Veronica saying one of those things! i have to see it! :)

Anonymous said...

You both have raise Veronica to be a loving and caring person. She will be a great big sister to Cadence.
Love all of you and miss you desperately.....Love Mom