Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scellick Weekend Update

I realized how I've posted every Sunday night for the past couple weeks to give updates of pregnancy and possibly other things, so to continue with the it goes.


Prenatal Check-up: I had my 36 week check-up, where one of the midwives came to my house instead of me going to their office. They want to make sure they know how to get here during daylight and to ensure there is working space when delivery time comes. The baby is head down, everything is still looking good and on Wednesday I become full-term.

Baking: It was also busy for me as I prepared (via baking) for a Holiday Craft Bazaar I would be selling my baked goods and soup at on Saturday. I made Rice Krispy Pops as one of the goods. One thing Ben would say about Veronica is she doesn't have much guile in her person (not a bad thing), b/c when she gets into something that she isn't suppose to be in, she makes it very apparent. For instance, I had the cut squares of Rice Krispies on the tray on the table. Now I thought they were far enough from her little hands to reach--SO wrong. While in the kitchen I turn to see a happy little girl so proud to show me the treasure and accomplishment she had found and done. Two big Rice Krispies in her hands lifted up to show me, along with a great big smile. I had to tell her that they weren't for her and she wasn't suppose to take them. So sad to break the news!

Harvest Party: We went to our church's annual Harvest Party and only stayed for about 15 minutes, b/c Veronica needed to go to bed and she wasn't too sure about the whole event. However, when she played two of the games she thoroughly enjoyed it. She especially liked the part where she could pick a candy from the bucket after playing; however, she never ate one of them (there were only three candies).

Holiday Craft Bazaar:

Two blurry pictures of my taken by Ben at my booth!

I had to wake up to finish some baking for the Bazaar and head off to set up my table and sell. It wasn't a very eventful day for myself, in terms of profit. I based my output of goods on last year's sales, which didn't prove helpful. Needless to say, the day after Halloween doesn't prove to be a great day for Holiday Craft Bazaars, especially for the vendor selling baked goods. Also, it seemed like the majority of people who walked through the doors were 50 years and over and most of them weren't buying my stuff that day. Here's what I made!

Rice Krispy Pops (kudos to my friend Lindsey for making all the wonderful tags!)

Yummy Oatmeal Carmelitas!

My Favorite Ginger Cookies

Fabulous Cream Scones (I forgot the blueberries in my freezer)
& my savory scones were already gone by picture time.

My homemade jams for the scones

Toddler Bed & Prayers: Daylight savings! One thing we've been working on in our house is Veronica sleeping in her big girl bed. We started a while ago, but then she got sick and we wanted to make sure she got enough sleep, so crib made more sense. Well back to the drawing board it would seem. I started with naps. I have found that I have prayed a lot more in the past two weeks for our daughter. Here is a glimpse into my prayers, "Holy Spirit, give her your peace...Lord, break her will to conform to yours by conforming to be obedient to me...Quiet her body and soul...let her know that you're always with her and watching her, even when mommy is not...etc."

As a mom of a toddler, I am leaning more on Jesus and asking him to do a work in me, in order to be a model that my daughter should emulate (hard stuff). We've given her grace and grace, and eventually have to toughen up so she knows where the line is in life. It's so hard, but I know it will pay off.

Yet we also get these sweet moments with her in this sleeping bed transition. This morning she woke up crying from a bad dream (4am) and came to our room. I heard her come in, but I didn't give her my attention in hopes of her returning to her room. With my back turned, I heard our door shut and the shuffling of a little body turned silent. I eventually shifted to find my sweet girl laying on her soft blanket she brought with her to sleep on the floor of mommy & daddy's bedroom. I could see the thought process in her brilliant head, "I don't need to wake mommy or daddy or even climb into bed with them, I just need to be near them to feel safe." Just before writing this I peeked my head into her room to find the bed void of her little body. As I peeked around the door, there she was laying on top of her blanket on the floor. We have yet to see her sleep in her bed, she prefers the floor. (Below is only pic I have of her sleeping on the ground)
Land of 'dip dip': One of Veronica's favorite things is to 'dip dip.' She first saw Grandpa Scellick dipping his fries into ketchup, so she imitated him by dipping her burger onto her empty plate saying, "dip dip." Since that point she loves anything to 'dip' her food or fingers into. Here she is dipping pancakes into blueberry syrup, while this morning it was potatoes (even toast with jam) into ketchup.

Hence why finger painting is a favorite activity!

Johnny Appleseed...She pulled out this book 'Johnny Appleseed' to read, which happens to be a beginner readers book but loved it. I read it about 10 times to her and through the process she would repeat words and such. Tonight I was astonished at how much she can repeat. For instance:
  • I started asking her, "can you, pie, auntie, nana, amber, grandma, grandpa...etc, etc." She started saying all of those things and more.
  • I then said, "say Grandma." She looked at me and then raised her hands in the air and said, "ganma!"
  • I also realized I missed my prenatal yoga class tonight (memory loss) and I exclaimed, "OH SHOOT!" After which I said, "Oh I'm sorry Veronica I shouldn't say that." She said, "oh shooet." Good thing I didn't say the other word--need to watch what I say.
  • This morning at our church service Veronica was with us during the music portion (this isn't related to what she repeats, but more about her language). She loves music and loves to say, "more song," as well as sign "more." After the song was over and our worship pastor was talking, Veronica very clearly said, "More, more song?!"
New style: I also got my haircut today, which might seem like nothing to most people, but considering I probably only get my haircut about two times a year and my hair feels considerably lighter and there was a good six inches cut off for some of the layers--it's a big deal for me. It's a bit of a mourning process when I go beyond the "trim." Here's pics of it, along with my pregnant belly.

This is the only picture I could find (taken in early July) of me with my pre-cut hair.

And here I am with my cheesy smile, beautiful belly, and new "do."

When I go to bed at night I will wear a camisole, b/c I'm always hot come 1:00, so before bed I look at myself in the mirror with my camisole not covering my whole belly and just LOVE it. I love my pregnant belly and love looking at it protrude. I know some women don't, but I proudly say I LOVE IT!!!


Paige said...

First off, I love the hair! It's a very nice cut on you. I also love the pregnant tummy.

You continue to amaze me. All of your goodies look wonderful. I'm sure they tasted great as well.

That is very sweet about Veronica coming in to your room to sleep on the floor.

Jake and Talia said...

I loved the Rice Crispy thingy! So much fun. Made me like a kid! Sprinkles! Nice work, Chef/Baker Lady!

a.a. said...

pretty new hairdo!

Jenny said...

Your hair looks so healthy and shiny! I'm so glad you love your pregnant belly; a pregnant belly is a beautiful thing.

I will now go and make some yummy baked raviolis w/a little marinara "dip dip". :)

amy said...

That is a beautiful belly you have!
And your hair cut is great too!
And you girl, so smart and sweet. Getting so mature!

Biz said...

you look great kamille, and very genuinely happy! I love our "mommy times" together, you are such an encouragement and inspiration to me :) love you! biz

thepaperbluebird said...

You look so beautiful Kamille! I told mom to give me a call when you pop... can't wait!!!

Adrienne said...

green is your color!