Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick one

Since giving birth I haven't had time to put up a new post. Life is going well in the Scellick home thus far. Today was my first day with the girls without any help from Ben or grandparents, and I have to say that it went rather well. We even got some painting time in (V & me) while Cadence slept.

It's been easy due to the wonderful constant sleep Cadence is in at this stage of her life. I've had people ask me what she's like and I can't help but want to say a bit sarcastically, "she's not even 2 weeks old--she does what most newborns do in their first two weeks of life do--SLEEP. How can I know what she's like?" So far so good, but I don't count on it to be a "sign" of her personality or of what to expect. They change overnight (literally).

She has been a good baby thus far...she sleeps, which means I sleep...she nurses well, she's gaining weight, she's beautiful, & we're all getting to know her more each day.

Veronica is still getting adjusted to having this little creature in our home (I think we all are). I call it the "Mumble Factor." When Veronica was first introduced to her talking dancing penguin she was a bit terrified. However, she also loved the little penguin, she just wouldn't touch it. This lasted for a couple months. If she wanted Mumble to talk again she would ask Ben or me to get it to talk. She has reacted the same way to Kali the dog and other animals. She is super intrigued, but also a bit cautious. She has shown this tendency toward Cadence. Every morning she asks about baby, but isn't quite ready to give the baby all of her attention or love.
She's reacting the way I suspected--cautious but curious.

We're all doing well still--celebrating our second child's life and daddy's 30th birthday yesterday--life is good and we're more than blessed. Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the last post--they were received with such gratitude.


The Willis Family said...

It was always kinda scary to be "left on your own" with the kids...but you just get in a routine of things, and its all you know. I remember the first time that I had to go out in town by myself with a newborn and a 2 1/2yr, I was soooooo terrified! But you do it and it just becomes 2nd nature. Just remember, as I am sure you already know....that house work can wait! Rest when you can:) Congrats again! I still can't get over all of Cadence's hair!!!!

a.a. said...

such beeeeauuutiful girls you have there! :)

Adrienne said...

veronica is so cute. i love that she is that way. it shows that she takes things serious and not easily persuaded. :) i'm so proud of you! you are such a great momma!