Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas dresses

I decided against doing the typical red, green, or traditional Holiday dresses. I bought this wonderful orange fabric on sale for Veronica, along with an easy pattern. As my due date was approaching I asked a friend (Shelley) if she would make the dress for me, b/c she's excellent at what she does. She also made my bridesmaid dresses. When I got to her house today to pick them up she surprised me with a little dress that she concocted from a square of fabric leftover--a little matching dress for Cadence. I was more than blessed. Aren't they adorable!

Here's her other dress that Shelley made. It's like this is her peasant dress, while her other is her going to the ball dress. Veronica prefers her ball dress and didn't want to take it off.


a.a. said...

thosde dresses are so pretty!!!!! and I love the gray one especially b/c she can wear her little mouse shoes with it!!! :) We'll need to see the full ensemble someday. :)

Jenny said...

That dress is great b/c she can wear it w/leggings in a bit when she's too tall and then as a peasant top when she's even TALLER. Maybe. I guess her shoulders can't grow much in my idea. Well, she can grow w/it for a bit anyway.

KAMILLE said...

a.a. yes the gray one was made exactly for that purpose.

jenny i think you're idea is great. i actually had them made bigger so they last longer.