Saturday, October 11, 2008

Under the Bed

No pictures were taken to truly capture this moment, but Ben & I were so sad to see our little girl under her bed at 6 am this morning. The sad part is that I heard some noises from her room when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I thought maybe she was kicking the closet or something while lying on the ground.

Well, 6 am rolled around and I heard crying from her room. If you're a mom (or dad) you recognize the difference between a frightened cry and the other ones. As I listened in, I thought to myself that this cry fell under the "frightened" category. Ben asked if he should go in and I said, "yeah."

Since the lights were out Ben could only hear a noise coming from somewhere, but no sign of little girl (with Veronica sleeping in her big girl bed we have yet to actually see her still sleeping in her bed come morning). Unfortunately, when Ben turned the lights on, he saw that she was UNDER the bed, but not just under the bed, her whole body was under the bed. The under part is really not that big, which means a Veronica size head can only lay under it with her head tilt to the side. She was crying, because her head was stuck and she couldn't get out.

By this point I went in to see what had happened and there was daddy taking a girl out from under the bed. We still have no idea how or why she was under the bed. She was holding onto a slipper, so maybe she decided late last night to see what she could fish out. She could have possibly been under her bed the whole night. It's a sad, yet also funny event, but it makes me sad to think she was stuck under her bed all night. I think we need to either check on her before we go to bed or put a surveillance camera in her room.


amy said...

poor sweetie!

Your words remind me that we set up the camcorder in Aidan's room when he first began sleeping in a big boy bed. We were dying to know what he did after we left.
For us, it ended up being boring because all he did was lay there, pick his nose, and then fall asleep.
But it sounds like it would be exciting stuff for you guys! Do it!

KAMILLE said...

Amy--that's so funny, I'm sure it's a first born thing. I'll tell Ben about your comment and I know he'll laugh about Aidan and let you know how it works with the camcorder.

a.a. said...

awwww! what a silly girl! i bet she won't try to get under there again! :)

Ali said...

Ya know, they actually make these handy-dandy video baby monitors... I know it sounds a bit crazy, but my sister-in-law got one when her little girl was born and it's only gotten funnier as she has gotten older. They hooked it up to the tv and you get to see "exactly" what's going on in there... Pretty funny the older they get! And the mysteries become less mysterious...!