Monday, October 20, 2008

Tire Day 2008 & Rails

The Scellick family tradition continues as we celebrated another successful Tire Day. We have forgone the whole tradition revolving around the actual tires, but they live on with good memory. We had brunch with G&G and Auntie Amber, then enjoyed some leaf tossing and kicking. Veronica was learning how to throw leaves up in the air, quite humorous.

Veronica has also been learning how to climb up the stairs standing up, rather than climbing in a crawl fashion. Here is her doing a bit for me, but it was right before bed and her tolerance level was quite low.


a.a. said...

what a big girl!!! and what a cute belly. :)

Paige said...

Veronica is so cute! And the way...You've been tagged! You are supposed to write 6 random facts about yourself in a post and then tag 6 other people. Let me know when you write your post! Have fun!

Amber said...

Super cute! I love the leaves!!! And she is so graceful on the stairs, LOL! Too stinkin cute!!!

Adrienne said...

i love your voice in the back round. oh yeahh oh yeahhhh. you are such a good cheerleader Kamille.

KAMILLE said...

A.A. she does have one of the most lovable bellies I have ever seen. So good for smooching.

Paige & Amber--I agree how stinkin' cute she is--thanks. You can never hear that enough about your children can you?

Adrienne--thanks, I try to be!