Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stoney Ridge Farm

Question: What do you get when a turkey crosses paths with a toddler?

Answer: Look Below

Veronica was pleased with many things at Stoney Ridge Farm, but her first impression of the turkey was NOT one of them. If you saw this turkey close up you immediately understand why someone would shoot them to eat them up (they're down right frightening!).

It was a beautiful day for the farm and it was our first time. It was also so fun to experience this with Veronica at her age, b/c there is literally so much to take in. One of her favorites would definitely be the little ride she went on first thing upon arrival. Ben thought she would freak out on it. However, it was completely the opposite. Here she is ready to get going.

As you can see, she is an expert at steering a moving vehicle. Once the ride finished, she turned to the man driving and put her hands together signing, "More!" Can you believe he didn't understand her?

At this point we were walking toward the hayride to go to the pumpkin patch, but Veronica had other things on her mind.

Whenever the ride was going, Veronica continued to ask to go on it. If only Grandmas & Grandpas were here to continue to pay the fee to ride.

At the farm there are all sorts of things for kids & adults alike. You take a hayride to the pumpkin patch, corn maze, & apple orchards. However, Veronica was weary about a couple things at the farm, one being the tractor pulling the hay wagon.

Next year I am going to inquire about applications for an almost 3 year old pumpkin inspector, b/c Veronica really understands the breadth & depth of pumpkins. You must be willing to get tactile.

Don't be afraid of a little labor, b/c it is necessary in getting just the right one.

Lastly, if you need to pat, then pat...slap, then slap...knock, then knock...whatever you need to do to ensure it is a solid pumpkin--YOU MUST DO IT. Also, any good pumpkin inspector must say "goodbye" to the pumpkins!

We're off towards the corn maze, which wasn't all that interesting to a 21 month old.

A farm is really a farm when there are animals, which we were able to see up close and personal. One of Veronica's favorites was BaaBaa (the Lamb). They had little goats, geese, ducks, chickens, peacocks, bunnies, sheep, and a scary turkey.

Here is where her courage increased with the turkey. However, as mama I was a little concerned that this turkey was going to pluck my daughter's eye out.

She absolutely loved the peacocks, which she exclaimed, "BIRS!"

After a long stay with the animals it was time to part even though Veronica didn't want to leave.

Veronica measuring in about 2 feet 10 inches, along with a disgruntled look for having to leave the BaaBaa.

We ended our day trying to enjoy some apple slices with caramel and an apple pull apart, but we were invaded by the attack of killer bees (probably not killer). All in all, it was a picturesque Autumn day!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I love Stoney Ridge Farm! We went last year and decided it needed to be a yearly tradition. We are planning to go next weekend. Your post got me really excited! -Lindsey

amy said...

I am so excited that I got to see your belly! You should post some belly pictures before the new sweet one comes!

Anonymous said...

I would love to pay for more rides for my little angel. She is just getting so big. Give her hugs and kisses from Nana.

KAMILLE said...

Lindsey--Yes I agree! I can see how parents really like this place. We just got a mini-van and Ben kept commenting on how the mini-van parade would probably be there (he was right).

Amy--I will be sure to take some pictures of my belly before the baby comes.

Mom--You really would have loved to pay for more rides, b/c you would have seen a happy little girl enjoying her first ride alone.

Adrienne said...

that looked like a fun day. i can't wait for times like this with our little guy.

Jenny said...

What a wonderful outing! I'd almost forgotten it was time for pumpkin carving. The "Under The Bed" post is so sad; she had to have just gotten stuck b/c what child could hang out under there for any extended period of time and not cry, right?

Seems like women are pregnant for a long time. Must seem even longer for the actual pregnant woman. You look wonderful, and that first picture made me think "pretty hair runs in their family".

KAMILLE said...

Jenny--I hope you're right about her probably not hanging out under the bed for long--it made us sad. I agree that it seems even longer for the pregnant woman. It feels like you don't remember what it was like "not" being pregnant.