Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Speed racer

We went to Bloedel Donovan Park, where Veronica enjoyed swinging in the swings and even exploring the play equipment (she typically likes to stick with the swings).

This video was shot sideways--sorry! It's short if that makes a difference.


Tim said...

Hi Kamille! I have been reading your blog too! I love to see what Veronica has been up to. I think I'm even going to steal the finger painting idea because it looked like so much fun! -Lindsey

a.a. said...

Ohh! I love how happy she looks when she's going down the slide!!! :)

Jenny said...

What a fun time! That makes me remember how much I loved slides when I was little. I remember back in the day when they were a rusty metal that burned the backs of your legs in the summer, about 20 ft. off the ground, no safety rails, and a tall, thin ladder to climb up, and super fun. Is purple her favorite?

KAMILLE said...

Lindsey--I'm glad you've been reading my blog as I enjoy yours as well.

Amber--I love her face and her little laugh at the end of the video.

Jenny--I totally remember those slides as well. Purple isn't her favorite color, but it just happens that she has a purple jacket. She actually loves the color blue, at least that's the color she knows at this point in time.