Friday, October 17, 2008

New interests

Veronica is always having a new interest in something. In fact, just last night I was reading her "new" favorite book to her and Ben said, "yeah it's her favorite of the week." Totally true!

We got a load of books from Grandpa Scellick's boss who has two sons. Most of the books are still to advanced, but a couple weren't. My favorite was when Veronica pulled out one of the new books for me to read and continued to ask for more. The reason being is the title is 'Juan y Juanita,' meaning it's all in Spanish. Luckily, I am able to pronounce Spanish words correctly (due to my upbringing), but I didn't understand everything. You can imagine..."Juan y Juanita...para aqua y mamita..." and so forth. As Veronica listens and asks for more I can't help but wonder what she's thinking (she is 1/8th Mexican).

Her other two favorites are "No, David" & "Jamberry." I read 'No, David' about 15 times yesterday--I had to cut her off. She'll repeat a couple of the words in the book: "No, daveyd," "back" & "kiet (quiet)." She looks forward to the end of the book where David's mommy gives him a hug and says, "I love you."

We read Jamberry when she's going potty and her face lights up. I wish I could put into words how beautiful her face is when she gets to hear this book. Last night daddy was reading it to her and her eyes began to squint in that getting ready to smile sort of way and she would begin to mouth the words of the pages. I'm so fascinated with her learning ability and how kids truly are sponges. I know my daughter isn't the only "smart" kid, but I am blown away by how smart she is when I watch her do things. Such as trying to get these words down so she can speak them.

Veronica is also very interested (and persistent) about having a fire going in the fireplace. She knows where the logs are kept and says, "fye!" This is her enjoying the fire while drinking warm milk and being a bit sick. I think the pictures capture so much.


a.a. said...

hahah! I love it! She looks so cozy sitting in front of the fire... enjoying a cool beverage.... it's kind of a hot/cold combo... :)

a.a. said...

oh... it's warm milk..... i guess that makes it a warm/hot combo.... also enjoyable!

Jenny said...

I like her mini man-chair. "Cloudy w/a Chance of Meatballs" is one of my all-time favorites, maybe a bit too old for her now, but musn't be forgotten. Also my favorite? Any and all Dr. Suess. The combo book "The Sneetches and other stories..." and "Yertle the Turtle"!!! I love them b/c they have a rhythm to the words.

Amber said...

I love the author, David Shannon. He was just in Fredericksburg a couple of weeks ago signing books. We got his new one for Ian for his 3rd birthday, Too Many Toys! You'll have to get Veronica, Alice the Fairy, she would LOVE that one! Its really cute! I love her sitting in her little chair watching the fire! She is too cute!!!!