Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Draw attention...

I would like to draw attention to an anonymous commentator of some of my posts, specifically to the "Autumn 2008 Checklist" post.

Here is what this anonymous person wrote:

"16. Wait on husband hand and foot
17. Shave Veronica's head
18. Use Potty
19. Publish book of memoirs
20. Make winter checklist"

I am in search of who this mysterious person could be (I have a feeling I don't have to search too far or long for this person as #16 gives much of it away). At least this "mysterious" man reads what his wife writes on her blog, so that's nice and I'll deal with the comments.


amy said...

I bet someone who would lurk like that might have a crush on you! creepy :)

a.a. said...

ooooohhhh! don't shave Veronica's head! it'll be all stubbly!!

KAMILLE said...

Amy--I think you're right. I better get Ben to protect me.

Amber--Yeah I really don't like #17, how creepy looking.