Sunday, October 19, 2008

Countdown to baby carl and Cloth Diaper stuff

I have 38 days until our official due date...and no, we're not naming the baby carl and we don't know if it's a boy, just a family joke.

I'm a big fan of cloth diapers and I don't mind the whole washing and drying them. I've been actively reading about how to do cloth diapering more, so I can save on wipes & such. If you're a mom who is interested in cloth diapering, but you don't know where to begin here are some great websites you can go to:
(this is a one stop shopping spot with great information for more than just cloth diapers) (this blog has various links and ideas about the cloth world)

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Amber said... in other words, your ready to have this baby! The last month is ALWAYAS the hardest! I'm proud of you for doing the clothe diapers! That is so awesome, and saves on a ton of money!!! Go Green!!!! I hope your feeling well and able to rest up a bit before the babys BIG arrival!!!