Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn 2008 Checklist

Oh how much I love the fall as I have already stated in previous posts. Here is my autumn checklist in no apparent order:
1. Bake, puree, & freeze sweet meat squash.
2. Decorate the house in Autumn decor.
3. Take autumn outing pictures.
4. Go to Stoney Ridge Farm to get a pumpkin and enjoy festivities.
5. Enjoy hot apple cider & yummy coffee, while going on a walk on a crisp fall day.
6. Make Pumpkin & Banana bread.
7. Knit
8. Sew two dresses for Veronica.
9. Make Ginger Cookies.
10. Make Pumpkin Cheesecake.
11. Make homemade Fall & Winter cards.
12. Prepare my Holiday Notebook.
13. Get ready to meet our second child & introduce him or her to the world.
14. Make a 'Welcome to Fall' Meal.
15. Make a Halloween costume for Veronica.


Jenny said...

I didn't know you sew! I can sew, too! Little kid clothes are great b/c they're fairly simple yet look super sweet. What does Veronica want to be for Halloween? She'd be an adorable penguin.

a.a. said...

a penguin would be PERFECT!! She could be MISS MUMBLE!

Anonymous said...

16. Wait on husband hand and foot
17. Shave Veronica's head
18. Use Potty
19. Publish book of memoirs
20. Make winter checklist