Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's amazing how quickly "isms" can transfer to something new within a blink of an eye in the life of a toddler. Here are some current Veronica-isms that we have enjoyed.

Veronica CD: Tonight after dinner she thought it would be good fun to dance with daddy to the Happy Birthday song on her Veronica CD. However, she would try to tell us something about the song and continue to say, "No, No!" Finally, I realized she was trying to tell us that she only wanted to listen to the first 22 seconds where she could really get her jig on

Massage & Lotion: About a month & a half ago I massaged her feet. She enjoyed it so I told Ben that she likes it when her feet are massaged with lotion. Well, it seems as though she's much like her mama, b/c she'll continue to say "more" to daddy for massage. When daddy says, "would you like more lotion on your feet?" She exclaims, "YEEEahhh!"

(**sidenote: as she was watching the video of herself getting more lotion and she heard me asking her if she wanted lotion she would say, "Yeah" as she watched.)

Cooking: I'm beginning to think that she might be a culinary seeker like mama, b/c she's always present while I'm making dinner and is quite persistent in seeing how everything comes together. Plus, she knows that when you cook, you also must taste the food to ensure it is just right.

Cheese: Today as I was taking her picture she said, "Cheese!" I don't remember ever telling her that, but she did and smiled for the camera. What a smart girl.

Curls: This will probably be a Veronica-ism her whole life, but I thought I would post some pictures of her. I was brushing out her hair while it was wet the other day & I was astonished at how long her hair really is, but the curls disguise so much of it. The back curls will not stay straight at all, but simply curl straight up.


amy said...

I can't believe how long her hair is!

Ava says "no" when she means yes too.

Good job dancing Ben, you've taught your girl well!

And I love Veronica's tights with her skirt, too cute!

Fun "isms" your girl has!

a.a. said...

I love how Veronica dances... she's a wild girl!