Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Preparing for vacation or winter?

As I was getting the family ready for our vacation by setting out the suitcase, who do you think was climbing inside it? No it wasn't Ben, but that would probably be a more funny picture. It was little. Here she is trying to figure out the buckles inside.

She ended up pulling in her little phone & book as well.

I gave her a couple more books to read, where she sat for well over 40 minutes as I started the packing process.

After she was done with the book reading in the luggage--she thought I might be having too much fun hanging up clothes in her room. She came on in and I asked her if she wanted to try on her snowsuit. She decided it wasn't a bad idea. Then, she walked over to her drawers and pulled out her hat, gloves, and scarf to put on. What a smartie--she knows the necessary accessories with the different clothing items.

Such a sweet close-up of my little girl. I really love how soft children's skin is at this stage in their life.

Here is her drawer, which she loves to be able to pull her shoes, hats, and other belongings out to try on.
She loves her books and what better way to read than in comfy clothing and gloves. Of course, she couldn't turn the pages with her gloves on.

It took some convincing to get out of her winter gear so she wouldn't get overheated and go down for a nap.


Jake and Talia said...

Those are the funniest "should be in a flip book" pictures of snow suit suitcase girl.

KAMILLE said...

Talia--thanks I agree!

Biz said...

Dang, I wish I could get Adri to sit still for 10 minutes! Fun pics, Kamille :)

Paige said...

What a cutie! Oh, I love the winter outfit. And that is so cute that she was so entertained by the suitcase. When I got mine out for our vacation Pear was interested for about 5 minutes and then ready for the next thing!

It sounds and looks like you guys had a great time! I'm glad you got a little refreshed before the next little one comes along. I can't wait to find out if you have a boy or girl inside of that tummy!

Are you getting anxious? 3 of my friends have delivered their babies over the last 2 weeks! It makes me so excited.

KAMILLE said...

Biz--yeah I guess it all depends on the day to have them sit for a long period of time. Maybe it's b/c she had a cold?

Paige--Funny Biz just said the same about Adri not sitting that long. Yes it was really nice to get away and have some time away from routine. I'm also excited to find out what we're having and looking more and more forward to the baby coming sooner than later. I wasn't as anxious with Veronica, but this one I am more so--mainly b/c I want to be done with pregnancy and meet our little one.

Anonymous said...

She is just growing up so fast. What is funny is that you use to do things like what Veronica is doing now. Her sitting looking at books in the suitcase is like when I would find you sitting in the closet or some small place looking at books or playing. I cannot wait to see her again....Love Nana

KAMILLE said...

Hi Mom--that's interesting to know that we're also alike in positive ways--good to know. Well hopefully you'll be able to come up not too long after the baby is born. kamille