Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oregon Coast

We set off last Wednesday to Seattle for Ben's work conference, where we stayed at the Hyatt downtown. Let me just say it's truly hard to go to a 4-star & below hotel after staying there with the great service and the BIG bathtub (really the bathtub was my favorite). While daddy had seminars he had to attend half of Wednesday, all day Thursday & Friday, we were able to spend some time with my good friend Hilary. I was also able to go shopping a bit for myself, which is a rarity.

On Wednesday & Thursday night I was able to join Ben for dinner while Auntie Amber stayed with Veronica. The two highlights of Wednesday dinner were the crab cake appetizers (one of my favorites) and the dessert platter. It was really a platter of all these wonderful yummy delights. I chose chocolate covered strawberries and creme brulee (how could I go wrong?).

On Friday morning G&G Scellick drove over to pick up schmoopy pants to head to Astoria, Or, where we would meet up later in the day. This was probably my favorite part of the vacation. Although I love my daughter and started missing her after she left, I was thankful to have some free non-mommy time. I was able to have quality time with Hilary (you mothers know what I'm talking about--a conversation w/o interruptions) and a peaceful, relaxing drive to Astoria with my husband. We were able to have a conversation without entertaining our 20 month old and it was a leisurely drive at that.

We stayed in Astoria at Grandma Scellick's sister's house until Tuesday. Auntie Amber, Uncle Bob (Amber's boyfriend), and cousin Kali (dog) came for the weekend as well.

This is a typical shot of Grandpa, because he is always prepared to take a picture of someone (most likely Veronica).

This was the lawn chair Cherie (Grandma) bought for me the prego lady, but I got stuck and Ben deemed it necessary to have it in picture format.

Our second day was spent in Seaside, Oregon. It turned out to be a wonderful day overall, b/c it was perfect weather (low 80s), warm sand, swing set on the beach, ocean, and fun shops. I think Veronica liked it the most, next to Grandma. She loves being on swings (she had Grandpa pushing her for at least 20 minutes) and the only thing to get her to come off was the expectation of entering the water and chasing after birds. Even though the water is no where near refreshing (her teeth were chattering), she continued to say, "more."

Here are the brave souls, or should I say soul (i.e. daddy), entering the cold Pacific.

A favorite past time is to kick her feet as much as possible...meaning..."let's see how soaking wet I can get my pants."

We went to Cannon Beach on Saturday, which turned out to be a bit chilly; however, this never stops a determined toddler.

I'm guessing she's pointing out one of the following: dogs, birds, water, or all of them.

As the sea wind sweeps her untamed curls into even more of a frenzy.

Auntie Amber & little awaiting the beloved wave--oh it was cold. (note: mommy went in this day, but I was taking all the pictures so there is no evidence with my camera).

If you were as close as Amber you would hear, "WHOA, WHOA, WHOA...EUUU!"

I'm lighting fast waves you can't catch me, as she taunts them with the sticking out of her tongue.

She's had enough waterplay for one day, or maybe we told her she's had enough, b/c mommy couldn't feel her feet anymore. Her attire can be found from any local beach bum. Hurry b/c they're selling like hotcakes.

At the house in Astoria. Veronica has managed to capture the relatives hearts again. Unfortunately, daddy is not able to capture her heart here.

So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em with your own frump face.

We were out on the deck when someone asked where Veronica was and we turned to see that she found her own little seat inside.

When we were driving back from Cannon Beach Veronica fell asleep in the car. However, once we put her down for her nap she wasn't really showing signs of tiredness. In fact, she was simply talking to herself for a good 30 minutes. I was tired, so I went to take a nap and I couldn't help but think of her falling asleep after she had pulled her pants off or something ridiculous. Well...when Ben came downstairs with the little monkey, here is what she did to her shirt.

Auntie Amber reading her a book. I really like this picture as Veronica looks very relaxed with her leg resting on Auntie. Can it get any better?

Kali the dog. It took Veronica about a day to get really comfortable around Kali, but once she did she was all over her. She laughed and laughed at Kali, said night night to her when she rested, pet her, and even pointed out Kali's eyes (this part I told her we don't touch dog's in the eyes or anyone for that matter).

Veronica was eating some goldfish crackers and she pulled one out to give to Kali. What do you know, Kali enjoyed it. So, Amber gave Veronica a snack to feed to Kali, which made Veronica SO happy.

Sunday evening at Seaside, Oregon. Ben and I were able to spend a night away (courtesy of G&G) and this was our sunset. We had a fabulous time together and treasure these moments always, b/c they are rare and wonderful.

I thought I should take a picture of us and not just the sunset, so I have a picture of my handsome, loving husband to remember our evening.

And here we are nearing our end...after our night in Seaside we spent the day in downtown Cannon Beach, where G&G and little joined us later on. What a perfect place to meet up at--the park with a kiddy swing. True love at 20 months! Grandma & Grandpa took turns pushing this little monkey.


amy said...

Fun pictures Kamille. Veronica sure does take in all of life doesn't she!
My favorite: if you can't beat the grumpy face, join in! We will have to try that!

KAMILLE said...

Amy--yes she definitely does. As of yesterday her new interest is cars and she'll ask me for more. Then I point out that cars are literally everywhere (as were standing in a parking lot). I do like Ben's grumpy face too.