Monday, September 29, 2008

Mumble goes "Night Night"

I went to a pre-natal Yoga class last night, so Ben & Veronica were home together. We set up her big girl bed on Saturday and thought that she could try it out on Sunday afternoon for her nap. Needless to say, it didn't go so well. However, one great thing is how she reenacted everything we did with her on her good friend Mumble.

She took Mumble upstairs and walked to her room to lay Mumble in her bed and said, "Night Night Mumble." She would walk down the hall to our room and then go back to get Mumble and repeat the process. As she walked down the hall she would begin saying, "Night Night Mumble." And what do you think come the morning? Veronica standing up in her crib immediately asking for her friend Mumble who was put under the blankets by Papa the night before.


a.a. said...

awwwwwwww!!!!! mumble is lucky to have such a good mama like Veronica to tuck him in at night!!!

a.a. said...

question.... how does mumble the dancing penguin go pee pee?

amy said...

Wow! Big girl bed. Little sweetheart.

I am scared to move ava to a big girl bed! I am also scared to try and potty train her. Our little girl is scary I guess! :)

Jake and Talia said...

That's so cute that she gets it. When mommy and Daddy say "goodnight" the go to their rooms. Some kids think their parents disappear at night. She's so smart...and cute. I love the way "mumble" rolls of the tounge. Great name!

KAMILLE said...

Amber--Yes isn't she such a good mama. In fact, I told her the same thing.

Amy--well today I put her in her big girl bed for nap & it went really well. In fact, she's sleeping as I type. I think my approach to the potty & bed thing are very gradual and no pressure on anyone. I don't set high expectations about it, which makes me a positive & healthy mama and Veronica can also be the same. It's fun though.

Talia--yes it is so cute and wonderful to know that she is understanding it. She actually took a nap in her big girl bed today-WOO HOO!

Anonymous said...

Slow and steady wins the race which works teaching and training children. Then after that it is time for a mommy You and Ben are doing such a great job with her. She is growing up so fast and I miss her so much. I hope that soon we will be able to chat on a web cam so that she will be able to know who I am and remember me....Love Nana

KAMILLE said...

Hey mom--yeah there is a lot of truth to the story of the tortoise & the hare isn't there. Thanks for the compliment about raising Veronica. We'll definitely have to get her on a web cam soon! kamille