Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Adventures

I've realized lately that I haven't been having as much fun with Veronica as I did with the children I worked with at Hillcrest Kids. This isn't due to Veronica not being fun, quite the contrary. She's more fun. The problem was me and my lack of providing creativity & fun. So, I pulled out the preschool/weeschool/toddler ideas that I loved then and thought, "why am I not doing this with my daughter?"

Today we had a blast and I realized how easy it is for a toddler to entertain themselves. For instance, washing your hands has never been so easy & they do a very thorough job.

Notice the wet spots on the clothing!

Here is what one's face looks like when water splashes into the mouth & eyes. One of my favorite Veronica faces.

She noticed me taking pictures of her and I noticed "wet head."
It's also amazing how much water a child can produce outside of the sink. It makes the story of Jesus turning the loaves of bread and small fish into an abundance more of a reality.

I asked Veronica if she would like to finger paint. She immediately said, "No!" But she only said that because she likes saying no and had no idea of what I was even asking her. I prepped her in her paint gear (trainer pants & shirt cover). Then, she sat and watched as I squeezed some finger paint into an empty egg carton. I put the paper up on the window (upright painting and drawing is best for young children b/c it helps with their motor skills & muscle development). She didn't know what to think of the paint & paper, so I dipped my finger in to show her. She followed by delicately dipping her right index finger into the yellow and smearing it on the paper. She soon understood the definition of finger painting.

Here she is cleaning up her hands. I had to take a behind picture with those cute little paint marks on her tush.

Veronica is washing her hands with a bit of paint on her lips. Take notice of her eyes in this picture compared to the following...

because this is what her face looks like when she's sitting on the potty relaxing the potty muscles. Sure enough as I was taking the photo I thought, "wait, that face is too familiar."
As I walked to the other side she had already said, "Uh Oh," now realizing that she was standing in a rather large puddle.


amy said...

Love it, love it, love it!
Ava spends a lot of time washing her hands too.
I especially love your voice as Veronica started to walk away. When I saw her walk away, I thought, "uh, oh" and then you ask her where she is going! I was getting you momma!

Jake and Talia said...

Wow. You were a busy lady today. painting (nice to see the artist in action), blogging...making an AMAZING MEAL...
Kamille. We had so much fun. We like you guys. You were an amazing hostess.

KAMILLE said...

Amy--you're so right about thinking "uh-oh," b/c that's what I was thinking as well. I could see paint on the furniture and then some.

Talia--I'm glad you had a fun time, we did as well and we're glad you were able to make it over. The blogging was happening while little was asleep. Luckily she takes a long enough nap.

a.a. said...

what a sweet little tushy!!!! :)

Jenny said...

I like her painted tushy.

KAMILLE said...

Well Amber & Jenny, You are both in agreement about Veronica's tushy. How do you think she'll feel about that when she's 13? I agree though!