Thursday, September 18, 2008

eye update

As many of you know, Veronica had to go through an MRI when she was 14 months old to check on the growth in her eye. We found out then that it was merely a dermoid, which stays put in growth and is pretty much harmless.

Well, we went back to the ophthamologist in July and the doctor recommended we see a pediatric specialist in Mt. Vernon, b/c it seemed like her eye was possibly turning and not having full range in her left eye. We went today and it was a good experience. Dr. Cadera said that her eyes are very healthy, she actually has a really good range (not as good if the dermoid wasn't there), and her eyes are looking straight. He said that it might appear that her eye is curving in, while in reality it's because her bridge is wider at her age. Most babies & toddlers have a wider bridge and it lessens as they get bigger and their face grows. Plus, Veronica does have Mexican heritage, which people of this origin can have a wider bridge.

He also said that he doesn't think surgery (removal of the dermoid) would be necessary or helpful, unless her eyesight gets worse in years to come by not being straight. He said that he tries to avoid surgery, b/c the dermoid is less visible than the scar that would be left behind after surgery. We'll be going back in two months to have a check-up to ensure that her eyes continue to stay straight. Thank you for prayers over this!


Adrienne said...

so did they say it will go away in time?

KAMILLE said...


No the only way the dermoid will go away is if it is surgically removed or God takes it away supernaturally. It's more important that her eyes are straight than removing it. If her eyes stay straight than it will stay. Plus, by removing it there would be a very noticeable scar on her eye and the skin around her eye.