Monday, September 8, 2008

Cotton Candy..Rides..Polka Dots

While in Ellensburg we went to the Fair and Veronica was allowed by me to have her first taste of cotton candy. It was a shame to know that Grandpa paid for a bag and I knew she would not eat hardly any of it (you kind of wished that they gave out samples). I pulled some out of the bag and gave it to her. It was super sweet, b/c she took it and rubbed it on her face. Totally makes sense since anything soft would obviously need to be rubbed on your face. I showed her that you actually eat this soft thing and when she did it was heaven on her face. Daddy and Veronica on the Jalopy Junction. I just love the contrast in size between daddy & little. It's like her BIG Little Book...Daddy's Big, Veronica's little.
Fun times on the Carousel ride.

This was Veronica's Easter dress and intended to be used at any wedding we were scheduled to attend for the summer. While we were sitting down Ben leaned over and said with sarcastic astonishment, "Oh how embarrassing, there's two other girls wearing the same dress as Veronica." I turned my head and sure enough two sisters had the same great taste in clothing as our daughter. Her she is staring at them from the outside.
Oh I think she's just too cute for words in this dress. She is definitely our little girl and not our baby, as another will be taking that place shortly.

Some Fun Veronica Facts as of late:

1. She is picking up new words daily. Saturday morning I said, "Good Morning," and she replied, "goo mowing."

2. She loves to help, whether it be unloading and loading the dryer, picking up her toys, or helping me put dishes away. If I walk into a room where her books are across the floor I'll ask her, "Veronica where does this stuff go?" She says, "oh" and picks up her books to put them away.

3. Her favorite word is "yeah," but in a very enthusiastic way. It's kind of like, "yeAAAHHhh." A roller coaster type of yeah.

4. Her babies. These babies are not human baby dolls, but her little penguin & rabbit. She insists on having them when going to bed and when leaving her bed and will say, "bAbies."

5. More & Genie: Veronica's one favorite (and probably only) sign language is "more," where you put your hands together in a fist like form. The funny part about it is what she applies it to in life. When we see birds, she'll exclaim, "BIRS!!!" Then, she'll turn to me (or Ben) and say with words and hands, "more!" The thing is she'll simply put her hands together to ask for more, but we won't know what she's talking about. I think she believes that mommy & daddy have Genie like powers if she uses the word more. I'm glad she has so much faith in us, but a little misguided in the application.


jenny said...

I thoroughly enjoy the BIG little pictures as well. Something about daddies and daughters.

KAMILLE said...

Jenny--yes it is super sweet. I think it's the thought of how powerful & strong a daddy is like God is with us. It makes me feel so secure seeing Veronica with Ben for the same reason.