Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time to cool off from the summer heat

I grew up in Yuma, Arizona, so when people in Bellingham talk about it being "SO HOT!," I still snicker at it. What I typically contribute to the conversation is, "it's the humidity that's making it unbearable." I can still remember days in the 120s, so people here have no idea how great they have it, especially when the total # of "hot" days is about a week total in a 365 day calendar year. However, to give them justice (and me while being pregnant) is that humid heat is much different from Arizona heat, b/c you feel like you're in a sauna (we would get that humidity later on in Az--I remember at 7:00 in the morning pouring down sweat in high school b/c of high temps & humidity).

Our house has three levels with the basement equaling paradise, the middle level being somewhat tolerable (if the dryer isn't running), and the top floor being pretty miserable. In fact, two nights ago I couldn't sleep, so I went to the basement where I could. Ben & Veronica went outside to cool off, while Veronica had a nice homemade smoothie, she barely takes a pause while drinking.


Anonymous said...

come on mom, it's a smoothie, you'll have to wait til I'm done. ha ha ha....nana

mimi said...

i like how she pauses to listen to the song... then decides that she'd rather drink the smoothie instead of dance.... a tough choice.... smoothie.... dancing.... smoothie... dancing..... SMOOTHIE!!!!

KAMILLE said...

I agree with both of you--gotta love those smoothies and not be bothered by anything.