Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunshine finally came

After raining all week, we finally got some sunshine and took advantage by taking a walk at the park. Veronica was yawning in the car ride there, but once we got out of the car she took in all the world had to offer this morning.

We were going down the hill and she asked, "Wus tha?" I replied, "Water." "waer?" "Yes, water." She thoroughly enjoyed looking at the water, dogs walking, birds talking & flying, the excavator working, and train going by. In fact, she started chasing after the seagull sitting on the lawn.


mimi said...

I love it! She's just walking along.... :) I've noticed lately that when she notices she's being filmed, she wants to look at the camera.... maybe we have a future camera woman here!

KAMILLE said...

Amber--yeah it's been hard to take any pictures or videos of her lately, b/c she wants to see the screen on the camera to view what has been taken.

Paige said...

Veronica is getting so big. Isn't it fun to really start having mini conversations with our little ones?

To answer your question about Pear being a daddy's girl, not really. She loves daddy, and she loves certain things that he does with her but she is definitely a momma's girl. When I'm in the room, she just wants me. I don't know what she's going to do when Jovie comes!

KAMILLE said...

Paige, Yes conversations are definitely fun, but there is still quite a bit I don't understand. It is great to interact more though.
Regarding daddy's girl, Veronica is getting to be more of a daddy's girl, which is nice for the transition. I know Pear will do a great job with being a big sister. Of course, we'll both have some bumpy spots, but they'll do well.