Friday, August 22, 2008


Veronica has recently taken an interest in anything soft or fluffy. She has reoccurring attachments to various stuffed animals.
Here is her current favorite fluffy creature, "Piggy," which she rubs her face along the piggy.
She picked up my scarf and started putting it on her face and moaned, "ooohhh." Here is where I wrapped her up like Rambo.
Looking like the little people in Star Wars in the desert (sorry don't know their names), but she enjoyed walking around, even if it did cover half of her vision.
She has also taken an interest in the camera, which makes it hard for me to take any pictures if she's looking. This one happened to be candid and quickly after she started reaching out for the camera to see what the photos looked like on the screen.

This is her not happy that I didn't give up the camera!


Jenny said...

Are the little people you refer to "Ewoks"? The little bear people?

I love her smile. It goes all the way to her eyes.

Ben said...

It's actually the Jawas.

mimi said...

I like her "not happy" face..... ha!

mimi said...

awww.. she doesn't look like the Jawas.... they're creepy with little yellow eyes.... Veronica looks more like a Maid Marian than a Jawa.... :)

KAMILLE said...

Amber--I'm glad you think she looks like someone much more sweet. She has REALLY been enjoying my scarves lately. I was wearing a scarf at church and she saw it and wanted to wear it. I had to stay so I took it off when her and Ben left. Needless to say--she wasn't thrilled--so I let her keep it. She wore it all of her waking hours today.