Tuesday, August 5, 2008


If you haven't noticed the guess the baby in the upper left hand corner--click on it and put in a guess of what your predictions are of Scellick Baby #2. This may help in predicting:

Veronica was:

1. 8 lbs 2 oz
2. 21 inches
3. Due on the 12th of January, but born on January 9th
4. I was the second born of my family and was 9 lbs 8 oz; whereas, my older brother was
8 lbs 14 oz.
5. Subsequent babies are typically born earlier, heavier, and boys typically weigh more than girls. That is what "typically" is the norm, but not always.

Have fun guessing--the winner gets the baby named after them...just kidding!

***if you've already guessed, please click on the guess box to see what Ben guessed. That would be a C-section for sure!


Mimi said...

What is up with Uncle Tad's guess? Does he think you smoke? ;)

a.a. said...

Does the winner get to PICK the baby's middle name at least? :)

KAMILLE said...

UMM-probably not!

just4ann said...

So does Ben want a toddler right off the bat?? lol