Monday, August 4, 2008

Protector of the Raspberries...Or Not

I have been wanting to go pick raspberries for some time now, but it seems like it hasn't been possible. The plan was to go this past weekend by myself so I could really get it all done and not have to worry about a messy raspberry dirt face little girl (who would blame me?) However, it rained Saturday morning and I knew it wasn't going to happen (you can't pick raspberries if there's rain).

Well, that left me with two options: 1. Don't pick and just buy some, but that costs more. 2. Bring Veronica with me, but a bit more chaotic--yet fun.
So option #2 it was and we went today. Although I didn't get as many berries as I would have liked, the memory of having Veronica there was worth more than any extra berries I could get.

We went to Boxx Berry Farm and found out that both raspberries & blueberries were available to pick. First was raspberries (only pictures I got) and second to the blueberries. The raspberries are divided by dirt rows and some shade; whereas, the blueberries are divided by grass rows and sun. I got a bucket for the both of us to pick raspberries, but Veronica couldn't really see the raspberries and was only interested in me picking them off and her putting them in the bucket. When I tried to pick some in my bucket and some in hers, she let me know right off that it wasn't going to work, b/c this was a combined effort.

She eventually plopped down to guard the bucket of raspberries...well, more like to eat the raspberries. I would pick and she would help me put them in the bucket, sort them, and pick some to eat. Seems pretty good to me! The only problem is she was covered in a mixture of dirt & raspberries--very messy. She would also pick up more than one...say four...and shove them in her mouth. I said, "Veronica sweetie, no don't put that many in your mouth!" She proceeded to take half of them out and put them in the bucket, but then I had to explain that we also don't put half eaten berries back in the bucket. Good times!

We were done and went to weigh & pay. I told the lady that I would like to pay for an extra pound, since I was sure Veronica ate that much. She was super nice and said no you don't need to pay for them.

The blueberry picking is soooo much easier. We had our red tray underneath the bush and one bucket to share. She wasn't as ravenous with the blueberries, much more of a protector of the goods. When any would fall in the tray she would reach to put them in the bucket. She also wanted to help pick them, b/c they were much more visible than the raspberries. We had a fantastic time!


a.a. said...

"one for ME... one for the bucket.... two for ME, one for the bucket" :)

what a cute little helper bee!

KAMILLE said...

Auntie amber--that made me laugh--how was your first week of work?

Anonymous said...

What a great little helper...she also like to help herself. That was so funny!----Nana

Jenny said...

My favorite is that in 3 out of 4 of the pictures, she looks worried that she may not get another one. Like "knock it off with the pictures, already. I need another berry!" That video is hilarious.

just4ann said...

I love it when you are asking her is she will put it in the bucket and she claps then without hesitation she takes it and eats it. Did you get very much to take home??

KAMILLE said...

Mom--Yeah we got enough, that is, more than what you saw in the video.