Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pretty Bows & Mumble

It's funny how certain things can make a child happy, or how they start desiring something out of the blue. For instance, she saw her bows and decided that she would like all of them in her hair. Or--our neighbor gave us a battery operated penguin, Mumble from Happy Feet, and who knew that it would be one of our daughter's most beloved toys. She loves it so much that was going to give me a hug upon waking, but quickly passed me by to greet her trusty friend who's never let her down.

Things to know about their friendship:

1. She likes to offer him crackers, bananas, or a drink from her cup.
2. If he falls over she won't pick him up, b/c although she loves him dearly she's still a little frightened.
3. She lets him borrow her bracelet & sunglasses.
4. She almost has a heart attack when she watches me change the batteries in Mumble. She has a great deal of empathy & compassion.
5. Many times I think she's wanting me, but she is really calling out for Mumble & not Mama (they can sound similar when she gets lazy).


mimi said...

awwwww!!! she calls out for mumble??? that's sweet. :)

Jenny said...

Are you preparing your blog for the possible birth of a man-child?... or is it just my view that's no longer pink...?

mimi said...

haha. i can picture her face when you're changing the battery. :) tell her it's just like changing mumble's poo poo diaper. :)

mimi said...

i'm also wondering how long the barrettes in her hair lasted.... does she ever wear that cute headband with the big bow?

KAMILLE said...

Jenny--No I'm not preparing for a man-birth, just wanted to try for a cleaning look.

Amber--She left those barrettes in for quite a while. Yes, she'll occasionally wear her headband--mainly when I remember that she has it. She'll leave it on too! Lately I've asked her if she wants her hair in barrettes or a ponytail and she shakes her head and says, "no!"