Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today I had another prenatal appointment and everything continues to look good for this little ball of movement in my belly. Actually, as I write this the baby is moving quite a bit. I was thinking how I've become use to this feeling, as though there's nothing weird about my belly moving in waves. Then, I thought--no this actually is weird (in the best way).

At my appointment I spoke with my midwife more about having the baby at home. I've also been thinking about how I'm not looking forward to labor (who is though?) and if I decide I want pain medication then I'm out of luck, b/c home births don't leave you with that option. She got me thinking about a water birth, so I'll let you know what I decide.

The baby is measuring where it should be, the heartbeat was in the 140s, and everything else along those lines was just great. I have to ensure that I don't eat too many refined sugars or excessive carbohydrates (in general) in the third trimester, b/c the pregnant ladies body lets out blood sugar, which go directly to the baby's weight. Hence, that would mean an excessively big baby and who wants to purposefully have a bigger baby than need be?

Ben and I still haven't narrowed down names. Actually, we are super far from having any names this time around. We've made a list of names we like, but I feel like were still working on the list. I also feel like we won't finalize a name until the baby is born. After having Veronica, I have yet to even try to guess what the sex is of the baby, b/c I was WAY off. So--I don't feel like I can accurately give our baby a fitting name at this point in time, but we'll see--it could all change by next week. I'll keep you posted about this baby #2.


mimi said...

wow... an at home water birth? would you bring in a little pool or something? seems like the bathtub upstairs would be cramped. i've seen at home water births a lot of times on "A Baby Story" on TLC.. do you ever watch that?

KAMILLE said...

Amber--I don't watch that show, but my midwife told me that I could use a portable one they have. We'll see!