Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gaga Time

When Grandma arrived on Thursday she took Veronica's hand and put it on Veronica and said, "Veronica," then put Veronica's hand on her and said, "Grandma." She did this a couple times and then Veronica said, "Gaga."

Auntie Amber came up on Saturday and they spent time at Starbucks, shopping for clothes, walking at Lake Padden, playing & doing other fun things.

Crawling through the baseball tunnel at the mall.

Grandma & Veronica

Happy to go down the slide.

Veronica is patting the vegetables, since she already knocked out the little girl in the background. The little girl told her that her penguin Mumble was not real.

Veronica is so excited to have a balloon.

Still enjoying the balloon

Eating at Red Robin

Look at those shoes

Sitting in her big girl chair.

She likes to lick the bowl

Going on a walk with Gaga around Lake Padden.
Enjoying Cheerios--a breakfast favorite!

Starbucks with Gaga.

Her new shopping cart from G&G. Gaga taught her how to turn the cart. She scrunches up her face as though she's lifting something double her weight.
Her baby is on the bottom and she's sorting her food in her cart.


aun mimi said...

She had so much fun at the little play center in the mall!!! After we left, we walked by the play area after a while and she stared at it longingly. :) It was a lot of fun playing with her in there. The other kids liked her a lot and a little girl grabbed her hand and started walking quickly and Veronica struggled to keep up before she fell. :)

mimi said...

Oh! and we had lots of fun at Red Robin. There was SO much for her to look at, it was hard to get her to eat (oddly enough). She saw a little boy with a balloon and kept staring at it. So we asked for one on the way out. :) And she LOVED all the lights in the restaurant too. :)

KAMILLE said...

Oh I'm so glad the other kids liked her. I like the pictures where Veronica is obviously smiling at another kid and they're smiling back at her.