Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Favorite books

Veronica really loves books, or shall I say, reading certain books over and over and over again. One of her favorite sets of books is by Leslie Patricelli. She received these for her first birthday from our friend Tina. They're great b/c of the vivid colors, straight and to the point story, and showing how things are opposite. She loves reading Blankie while going potty, while Yummy Yucky we read in car rides (we say "blah blah" for yucky things & make licking noises for yummy).

She has also taken a new interest in her Quack Quack book (from her Auntie), because it's a touch & feel book (she really loves soft things). The book will tell the sound of the animal and ask a question like, Can you touch your nose to the piggies nose? It's b/c the nose is a different material. She'll rub her cheek against the ducky, put her nose to the piggy, pat the bunny's tail, and run her face against the puppy's ear.


mimi said...

Yay! The Quack Quack book!!!

KAMILLE said...

Amber--that's right, she loves it!