Monday, August 11, 2008

Cute Story

Sorry no pictures, but this is too cute of a story. Veronica is going potty successfully about 3-4 times a day. This afternoon she was in her training pants and proceeding to climb up the stairs where her potty chair is held. I asked her if she needed to go potty, b/c I thought she was just wanting to climb the stairs. She just proceeded up and headed straight to the bathroom. I helped her take her trainer pants off and I picked up her book to read to her. I started to read and soon after you could hear the sound of success.

At that point she didn't see any need to listen to the story, b/c she finished her business and was ready to go onto her next adventure. Now, she LOVES being a big helper, which means mimicking mommy in whatever she does to get things done around the house. I have shown her how we take the toilet paper to wipe, put it in the potty seat, take the seat and dump into the toilet. Veronica likes to shut the lid and help me flush (in fact today when I didn't flush she went over to the toilet as to say, "UHUM didn't you forget something?").

Well, I guess after watching a couple times she figured that she was big and strong enough to pick up the potty seat/bowl (it's a red seat with a white bowl part that is removable) herself. I hurried to help her, but you know how even though you're right there you still can't help avoid the fall. That's what happened to me. About 3/4ths of the pee splashed on the floor. What do you do? I chose to laugh, b/c she was merely trying to be helpful and do what I had been showing her what you're suppose to do. After that, we poured the remaining 1/4 out and she helped with the flushing, we washed hands, and cleaned feet.

I guess this is my future...if you detest urine, poop, vomit, or anything nasty thing like those, parenting is probably not in your cards.


a.a. said...

She was SO good on the potty! I was very impressed. It's cute to watch her attempt to wipe. :)

KAMILLE said...

Yes she definitely is too cute for words! Did she put her hand in the pot after she went--she likes doing that and then I say, "YUCKY YUCKY!"

Jenny said...

"UHUM didn't you forget something?"... is my favorite part.

Anonymous said...

She is amazing. Only 19 months and she is doing so good at her potty training. I knew that she would learn quickly. I am so proud of her. What a big girl she is becoming...Love Nana.

I so miss her. I feel bad that she will not remember me at all. "sigh"

just4ann said...

I bet she will be pretty much potty trained by the time the new baby scellick comes into this world.