Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chaos after the Storm

Gaga Scellick raved about Veronica being an angel while we were in Victoria. In fact, she told Ben just yesterday how sweet, kind, get the point...she was the whole weekend. She was even thinking about it in an 'unbiased' view. As Ben was telling me this I could only think back to our stay in Victoria...
"Your mom says she's been an angel, but you know once Monday comes and it's back to her & mommy she isn't going to be like that at all." Ben smiled and nodded his head in agreement, "you're right!"

And that's what happened. So when Ben told me about how sweet Gaga thought Veronica was for them--I could only laugh b/c she hadn't been there the past three days. I was preparing myself for it though, but you can only prepare so much for a toddler who can really express herself in the tantrum area. I know, I know--Grandparents who are reading this are saying, "not my sweet girl--it must be Kamille or Ben's fault." On a scale of 1-10, I would give her a "9" for her tantrum performances.

Although it has been hard these past few days, I want to leave you with a positive note about this whole experience. While I heard of how sweet she was being for Gaga & Auntie I was thankful that she behaved so well, and that her performances are a sign that she feels most comfortable to be every color in her personality spectrum with Ben & me. Second, I see how normal it is for a child this age to act this way. Third, today I could really see both of us settling back into our routine. It takes a while to get reacquainted with the routine and today was a fantastic day. I think mommy was able to regroup and head into today with a new game plan--it made a huge difference (oh & playing in water always helps).


mimi said...

What??? Not my sweet little angel! She must miss me!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

just a note....when I got the opportunity to watch her she was just a little angel....funny and busy. She just cried a little when having to go to bed but that is always to be expected with someone that is so busy smiling and looking cute. She knows how to get what she wants with that smile and when she does her funny little things. I never had a problem getting her to eat her meals ever. She loved her baths and letting Nana read to her. I sure miss her and being able to just hug and kiss her. That is the hardest thing about being farther away.

just4ann said...

I cannot wait until she is old enough to come down here to spend time with me. I will have to plan a vacation time to have her here with me or I will come up there so I can see both my babies.