Sunday, August 10, 2008

Break in Victoria

Ben & I got away for three whole days (+ three nights), while Veronica enjoyed her time with Gaga Scellick and Aun Mi Mi. We also enjoyed our time as a husband & wife, even if we missed our daughter and talked about her. We didn't have any set plans, which in my mind is a great way to enter into a vacation. It was also nice to have time before the second baby comes along and I'm a bit more nailed down with nursing. I love Victoria and the last time we were here was in 2004 (long before Veronica's birth). We signed up for the 'Signature Club' at our hotel, which Ben likes to say in this snooty, nasally voice and enabled us to eat breakfast at the hotel.
We browsed the many shops along the downtown area on our first full day, where we looked at the new shops that weren't there before and I found a fantastic kitchen store. We ate lunch and I had one of the best salads. It was this spinach salad with goat cheese, sun-dried cherries, candied pecans and warm bacon dressing. Oh my goodness that goat cheese was superb!
When we first went to Victoria in 2001 we went to Il Terrazzo, one of the best Italian restaurants (aside from one in Italy). Ben had what he had the first time he went, which was Chicken Marco Polo (grilled chicken, mangos, fresh basil, lemon cream sauce, pimentos and fettucini) and I one of the best bolognese sauces I've ever savored.

On Saturday we were on our way to get tea and we stumbled upon this little public market, which I always love checking them out. It was a funny sort of market. That is it was much different from Bellingham's Farmer's Market. At this market there was some typical things that you might see at a market, ya know, like fresh baked goods, jams, produce, soap & lotions, or even hand knit items. Some of the stands were a bit bizarre in their collection.

For instance, one lady had what seemed like an assortment of basement clutterings on her table (homemade jam to potted plants that most people have never identified before). However, as I was checking out the knitted baby sweaters Ben came over to me to tell me his discovery, and believe me--it WAS a DISCOVERY! He said this to me (exact words), "I think I found probably the WORST thing to sell at a Farmer's Market." So without further adieu I followed him to this:
Can you read this? Ben said before we got there that there was a lady in black sitting with a bucket of llama manure willing to scoop out a bag for your pleasure. I have to agree this IS the worst idea and thing to sell ANYWHERE!


mimi said...

Maybe I could sell Kali turds at the local market.... who knows? Maybe's there's a big following for this kind of thing.

just4ann said...

it does make good fertilizer though....hahaha