Sunday, August 31, 2008

All Things Glorious

Veronica is stylish in her boots & bee hat.
We are spending the weekend with G&G Scellick in Ellensburg. It's the big Kittitas County Fair & Ellensburg Rodeo weekend. Grandpa Scellick is a local country radio DJ. Since he works at a country station it's only natural that it would tie in with the Fair/Rodeo scene. One of Grandpa's perks is being able to bring home the helium tank and balloons, or at least that's Veronica's idea of a "perk."

Here she is going out to the golf cart to get balloons with Grandpa (notice the robe & boots--perfect attire).

Grandpa is tying a yellow balloon special for his little sweetpea.

Here is Veronica in all her glory (many of her current favorites in this photo): purple robe, pink kitty boots, baby chick, and yellow balloon, who could ask for anything more? The chick makes sounds and it was at G&G's when we arrived on Friday. She calls it her baby.

As I've already mentioned, she loves her robe & kitty boots. We went to a feed & seed store in Bellingham and we tried on some rainboots. She first tried on ladybug ones, which she walked up and down the aisle to show off her stuff. She tried on the kitty boots second and decided to keep them.

Later on we went to a consignment store and Veronica was walking around and I would occasionally hear an "uh-oh--shoos, shoos," which meant one of her shoes had fallen off. I replied, "Oh did one of your boots fall off?" She said, "yeah," after which, she would say, "uh-oh booots, booots," instead of "shoos."
We got her robe at the consignment store, which is nice & soft. She loves anything soft.
Here she is reading one of her current must reads, 'I am a Bunny' while enjoying the comfort of a snuggly robe.


mimi said...

what girl doesn't love a big snuggly robe and her rain boots? :)

Jenny said...

This may top the list as my favorite post. Love the boots, but only with the robe, of course. And as always... her beautiful curls.

Nice reminder on the boots! My little pseudo-niece is having her first birthday pretty soon here and the theme is ladybugs. Her name's Kadyn and her mama calls her Kadybug... ladybug. I'll have to see if anyone else is planning for boots.

Hope you're all geared up for your baking extravaganza!

KAMILLE said...

Amber--I agree! She wasn't even coerced into wearing them--it's all her.

Jenny--I'm glad this is one of your favorites. Every time I look at the picture I laugh and think it's one of my favorites too. I think you can find most of these type of boots at sporting stores (like Yeager's in Bellingham) or Feed & Seed country type stores where they also sell cowboy boots. That would be a great gift.

mimi said...

haha. i love the picture of her and grandpa walking towards the golf cart. :) precious.

Ben and Emily Wells said...

i love the attire! what a wonderful world we would live in if we all wore our soft robes and rainboots!