Sunday, August 31, 2008

All Things Glorious

Veronica is stylish in her boots & bee hat.
We are spending the weekend with G&G Scellick in Ellensburg. It's the big Kittitas County Fair & Ellensburg Rodeo weekend. Grandpa Scellick is a local country radio DJ. Since he works at a country station it's only natural that it would tie in with the Fair/Rodeo scene. One of Grandpa's perks is being able to bring home the helium tank and balloons, or at least that's Veronica's idea of a "perk."

Here she is going out to the golf cart to get balloons with Grandpa (notice the robe & boots--perfect attire).

Grandpa is tying a yellow balloon special for his little sweetpea.

Here is Veronica in all her glory (many of her current favorites in this photo): purple robe, pink kitty boots, baby chick, and yellow balloon, who could ask for anything more? The chick makes sounds and it was at G&G's when we arrived on Friday. She calls it her baby.

As I've already mentioned, she loves her robe & kitty boots. We went to a feed & seed store in Bellingham and we tried on some rainboots. She first tried on ladybug ones, which she walked up and down the aisle to show off her stuff. She tried on the kitty boots second and decided to keep them.

Later on we went to a consignment store and Veronica was walking around and I would occasionally hear an "uh-oh--shoos, shoos," which meant one of her shoes had fallen off. I replied, "Oh did one of your boots fall off?" She said, "yeah," after which, she would say, "uh-oh booots, booots," instead of "shoos."
We got her robe at the consignment store, which is nice & soft. She loves anything soft.
Here she is reading one of her current must reads, 'I am a Bunny' while enjoying the comfort of a snuggly robe.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Desserts, desserts they're everywhere

My friends Tina & Jason are getting married in a little over a week (8 days to be exact). Why am I posting about their big day? Well maybe it's because I'm in charge of making all of their desserts for the reception. And maybe it's because it's not a small amount of desserts I'm making. And maybe it's because I wonder why I am not considering checking myself into an asylum.

When I had friends over last night, enjoying some creme brulee I made (tasty by the way), I told them I was in charge of making many desserts for the wedding. So I am inquiring of your input as my loyal readers. The list is for 300 people (250 adults and 50 children 10 yrs & below). I have two desserts I will be making: carrot cake & truffle cakes. I was planning on doing some carrot cakes and some carrot cake cupcakes and the truffle cakes are smaller sized cakes (made in large and regular muffin tins). They are going to have hearty appetizers: chicken skewers, stuffed mushrooms, spring rolls, sushi, fruit, vegetables, breads with spreads and one thing more.

I was thinking about making more carrot cake than the truffle cakes (like a 2/3 carrot). Do you think more people would want carrot or the truffle? Also, I was averaging 1.5 desserts for every adult. Do you think that's too much? I was going to make some truffle cakes in large, regular, and mini muffin tins, with the majority of them being in the regular tins--how does that sound? I was thinking of making about four to five carrot cakes and the rest being cupcakes--does that sound about right? Send me your thoughts!

Regarding comments

I wanted to let any of my viewers know that I try to always reply to any comments made on my posts. I reply on the post you commented on, so if you asked a question or anything--I reply on that comment thread. Just thought you should know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer and Fall

This summer has been an unusual one for sure. Our June was one of the coldest ever (I wore a winter coat), many humid days, and now in August we continue to get Autumn like weather. It's currently overcast, windy, and possibility of rain. It's hard because my favorite season is Autumn, but I think I would like a bit more of summer.

I went to Joe's Garden on Saturday and it was paradise. It was a sunny day, which makes shopping for produce & fruit so much more enjoyable. This time of year the harvest is rich and not pricey at Joe's. I wish I had my camera to show you how wonderful it is. They had peaches, nectarines, corn, all types of lettuce, potatoes, eggplant, variety of peppers, basil, onions (red, sweet, green), carrots, berries, arugula, cucumbers, mushrooms (portabella, shitake, and button), beans (grean, yellow, and romano), and more. I will miss this about summer--all the fresh produce.

Cooking & Baking in season:
There are definitely wonderful foods to cook & bake in the summer, along with smells associated with this season. However, Fall has definite smells that make me a bit more happy on the inside.

Here are some things I love about Autumn:

1. Sweater, scarves, hats, mittens/gloves, & wool jackets get to come out.
2. Knitting
3. Pureeing my own pumpkin & freezing it for later use.
4. Ginger Cookies
5. Baking Homemade quick breads
6. Smells: Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, allspice
7. coffee & lattes taste a bit better in the Fall
8. Sunny weather with crisp air
9. Candles lit around the house or fire in the fireplace.
10. Autumn colors

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunshine finally came

After raining all week, we finally got some sunshine and took advantage by taking a walk at the park. Veronica was yawning in the car ride there, but once we got out of the car she took in all the world had to offer this morning.

We were going down the hill and she asked, "Wus tha?" I replied, "Water." "waer?" "Yes, water." She thoroughly enjoyed looking at the water, dogs walking, birds talking & flying, the excavator working, and train going by. In fact, she started chasing after the seagull sitting on the lawn.

Dancing Time

I have to rave about the Putumayo Kids Music line. We received a free sampler and it is Veronica's favorite album. Whenever she hears the song "Five Monkeys" or "Rootsman Dread," she immediately breaks out into a very rapid dance.


Veronica has recently taken an interest in anything soft or fluffy. She has reoccurring attachments to various stuffed animals.
Here is her current favorite fluffy creature, "Piggy," which she rubs her face along the piggy.
She picked up my scarf and started putting it on her face and moaned, "ooohhh." Here is where I wrapped her up like Rambo.
Looking like the little people in Star Wars in the desert (sorry don't know their names), but she enjoyed walking around, even if it did cover half of her vision.
She has also taken an interest in the camera, which makes it hard for me to take any pictures if she's looking. This one happened to be candid and quickly after she started reaching out for the camera to see what the photos looked like on the screen.

This is her not happy that I didn't give up the camera!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Favorite books

Veronica really loves books, or shall I say, reading certain books over and over and over again. One of her favorite sets of books is by Leslie Patricelli. She received these for her first birthday from our friend Tina. They're great b/c of the vivid colors, straight and to the point story, and showing how things are opposite. She loves reading Blankie while going potty, while Yummy Yucky we read in car rides (we say "blah blah" for yucky things & make licking noises for yummy).

She has also taken a new interest in her Quack Quack book (from her Auntie), because it's a touch & feel book (she really loves soft things). The book will tell the sound of the animal and ask a question like, Can you touch your nose to the piggies nose? It's b/c the nose is a different material. She'll rub her cheek against the ducky, put her nose to the piggy, pat the bunny's tail, and run her face against the puppy's ear.


Today I had another prenatal appointment and everything continues to look good for this little ball of movement in my belly. Actually, as I write this the baby is moving quite a bit. I was thinking how I've become use to this feeling, as though there's nothing weird about my belly moving in waves. Then, I thought--no this actually is weird (in the best way).

At my appointment I spoke with my midwife more about having the baby at home. I've also been thinking about how I'm not looking forward to labor (who is though?) and if I decide I want pain medication then I'm out of luck, b/c home births don't leave you with that option. She got me thinking about a water birth, so I'll let you know what I decide.

The baby is measuring where it should be, the heartbeat was in the 140s, and everything else along those lines was just great. I have to ensure that I don't eat too many refined sugars or excessive carbohydrates (in general) in the third trimester, b/c the pregnant ladies body lets out blood sugar, which go directly to the baby's weight. Hence, that would mean an excessively big baby and who wants to purposefully have a bigger baby than need be?

Ben and I still haven't narrowed down names. Actually, we are super far from having any names this time around. We've made a list of names we like, but I feel like were still working on the list. I also feel like we won't finalize a name until the baby is born. After having Veronica, I have yet to even try to guess what the sex is of the baby, b/c I was WAY off. So--I don't feel like I can accurately give our baby a fitting name at this point in time, but we'll see--it could all change by next week. I'll keep you posted about this baby #2.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pretty Bows & Mumble

It's funny how certain things can make a child happy, or how they start desiring something out of the blue. For instance, she saw her bows and decided that she would like all of them in her hair. Or--our neighbor gave us a battery operated penguin, Mumble from Happy Feet, and who knew that it would be one of our daughter's most beloved toys. She loves it so much that was going to give me a hug upon waking, but quickly passed me by to greet her trusty friend who's never let her down.

Things to know about their friendship:

1. She likes to offer him crackers, bananas, or a drink from her cup.
2. If he falls over she won't pick him up, b/c although she loves him dearly she's still a little frightened.
3. She lets him borrow her bracelet & sunglasses.
4. She almost has a heart attack when she watches me change the batteries in Mumble. She has a great deal of empathy & compassion.
5. Many times I think she's wanting me, but she is really calling out for Mumble & not Mama (they can sound similar when she gets lazy).

Time to cool off from the summer heat

I grew up in Yuma, Arizona, so when people in Bellingham talk about it being "SO HOT!," I still snicker at it. What I typically contribute to the conversation is, "it's the humidity that's making it unbearable." I can still remember days in the 120s, so people here have no idea how great they have it, especially when the total # of "hot" days is about a week total in a 365 day calendar year. However, to give them justice (and me while being pregnant) is that humid heat is much different from Arizona heat, b/c you feel like you're in a sauna (we would get that humidity later on in Az--I remember at 7:00 in the morning pouring down sweat in high school b/c of high temps & humidity).

Our house has three levels with the basement equaling paradise, the middle level being somewhat tolerable (if the dryer isn't running), and the top floor being pretty miserable. In fact, two nights ago I couldn't sleep, so I went to the basement where I could. Ben & Veronica went outside to cool off, while Veronica had a nice homemade smoothie, she barely takes a pause while drinking.

Early rising

This morning when I left to worship (through singing) practice, my family lay quietly asleep. Daddy woke up next to get little girl, but all he found was a sweet picture of her nestled quietly in her bed. He got the camera, turned on the light and she was still out. Then, when he turned it on this is what he recorded (notice the height of her hair).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chaos after the Storm

Gaga Scellick raved about Veronica being an angel while we were in Victoria. In fact, she told Ben just yesterday how sweet, kind, get the point...she was the whole weekend. She was even thinking about it in an 'unbiased' view. As Ben was telling me this I could only think back to our stay in Victoria...
"Your mom says she's been an angel, but you know once Monday comes and it's back to her & mommy she isn't going to be like that at all." Ben smiled and nodded his head in agreement, "you're right!"

And that's what happened. So when Ben told me about how sweet Gaga thought Veronica was for them--I could only laugh b/c she hadn't been there the past three days. I was preparing myself for it though, but you can only prepare so much for a toddler who can really express herself in the tantrum area. I know, I know--Grandparents who are reading this are saying, "not my sweet girl--it must be Kamille or Ben's fault." On a scale of 1-10, I would give her a "9" for her tantrum performances.

Although it has been hard these past few days, I want to leave you with a positive note about this whole experience. While I heard of how sweet she was being for Gaga & Auntie I was thankful that she behaved so well, and that her performances are a sign that she feels most comfortable to be every color in her personality spectrum with Ben & me. Second, I see how normal it is for a child this age to act this way. Third, today I could really see both of us settling back into our routine. It takes a while to get reacquainted with the routine and today was a fantastic day. I think mommy was able to regroup and head into today with a new game plan--it made a huge difference (oh & playing in water always helps).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cute Story

Sorry no pictures, but this is too cute of a story. Veronica is going potty successfully about 3-4 times a day. This afternoon she was in her training pants and proceeding to climb up the stairs where her potty chair is held. I asked her if she needed to go potty, b/c I thought she was just wanting to climb the stairs. She just proceeded up and headed straight to the bathroom. I helped her take her trainer pants off and I picked up her book to read to her. I started to read and soon after you could hear the sound of success.

At that point she didn't see any need to listen to the story, b/c she finished her business and was ready to go onto her next adventure. Now, she LOVES being a big helper, which means mimicking mommy in whatever she does to get things done around the house. I have shown her how we take the toilet paper to wipe, put it in the potty seat, take the seat and dump into the toilet. Veronica likes to shut the lid and help me flush (in fact today when I didn't flush she went over to the toilet as to say, "UHUM didn't you forget something?").

Well, I guess after watching a couple times she figured that she was big and strong enough to pick up the potty seat/bowl (it's a red seat with a white bowl part that is removable) herself. I hurried to help her, but you know how even though you're right there you still can't help avoid the fall. That's what happened to me. About 3/4ths of the pee splashed on the floor. What do you do? I chose to laugh, b/c she was merely trying to be helpful and do what I had been showing her what you're suppose to do. After that, we poured the remaining 1/4 out and she helped with the flushing, we washed hands, and cleaned feet.

I guess this is my future...if you detest urine, poop, vomit, or anything nasty thing like those, parenting is probably not in your cards.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gaga Time

When Grandma arrived on Thursday she took Veronica's hand and put it on Veronica and said, "Veronica," then put Veronica's hand on her and said, "Grandma." She did this a couple times and then Veronica said, "Gaga."

Auntie Amber came up on Saturday and they spent time at Starbucks, shopping for clothes, walking at Lake Padden, playing & doing other fun things.

Crawling through the baseball tunnel at the mall.

Grandma & Veronica

Happy to go down the slide.

Veronica is patting the vegetables, since she already knocked out the little girl in the background. The little girl told her that her penguin Mumble was not real.

Veronica is so excited to have a balloon.

Still enjoying the balloon

Eating at Red Robin

Look at those shoes

Sitting in her big girl chair.

She likes to lick the bowl

Going on a walk with Gaga around Lake Padden.
Enjoying Cheerios--a breakfast favorite!

Starbucks with Gaga.

Her new shopping cart from G&G. Gaga taught her how to turn the cart. She scrunches up her face as though she's lifting something double her weight.
Her baby is on the bottom and she's sorting her food in her cart.

Break in Victoria

Ben & I got away for three whole days (+ three nights), while Veronica enjoyed her time with Gaga Scellick and Aun Mi Mi. We also enjoyed our time as a husband & wife, even if we missed our daughter and talked about her. We didn't have any set plans, which in my mind is a great way to enter into a vacation. It was also nice to have time before the second baby comes along and I'm a bit more nailed down with nursing. I love Victoria and the last time we were here was in 2004 (long before Veronica's birth). We signed up for the 'Signature Club' at our hotel, which Ben likes to say in this snooty, nasally voice and enabled us to eat breakfast at the hotel.
We browsed the many shops along the downtown area on our first full day, where we looked at the new shops that weren't there before and I found a fantastic kitchen store. We ate lunch and I had one of the best salads. It was this spinach salad with goat cheese, sun-dried cherries, candied pecans and warm bacon dressing. Oh my goodness that goat cheese was superb!
When we first went to Victoria in 2001 we went to Il Terrazzo, one of the best Italian restaurants (aside from one in Italy). Ben had what he had the first time he went, which was Chicken Marco Polo (grilled chicken, mangos, fresh basil, lemon cream sauce, pimentos and fettucini) and I one of the best bolognese sauces I've ever savored.

On Saturday we were on our way to get tea and we stumbled upon this little public market, which I always love checking them out. It was a funny sort of market. That is it was much different from Bellingham's Farmer's Market. At this market there was some typical things that you might see at a market, ya know, like fresh baked goods, jams, produce, soap & lotions, or even hand knit items. Some of the stands were a bit bizarre in their collection.

For instance, one lady had what seemed like an assortment of basement clutterings on her table (homemade jam to potted plants that most people have never identified before). However, as I was checking out the knitted baby sweaters Ben came over to me to tell me his discovery, and believe me--it WAS a DISCOVERY! He said this to me (exact words), "I think I found probably the WORST thing to sell at a Farmer's Market." So without further adieu I followed him to this:
Can you read this? Ben said before we got there that there was a lady in black sitting with a bucket of llama manure willing to scoop out a bag for your pleasure. I have to agree this IS the worst idea and thing to sell ANYWHERE!