Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Little loves, no LOVES, no LOVES water, whether it be drinking it, bathing in it, or playing in it. Today as I was watering my plants she was standing next to me and stuck her hand in the watering pot to swish around. She did this more than once. Then, she put her hand in the watered plant to get the water. Unfortunately, it was mixed with soil, which meant a little hand covered in potting soil.

You would think by looking at these pictures that she stayed completely dry while playing with water--right? Well, you'd be wrong, because here's what she really looked like--front view.I filled up her bowl many times, which meant the more wet with each refilling. Like I said, she LOVES water.


Jenny said...

She makes me want to do water play. I love her sweet little voice. A+ on your blog.

KAMILLE said...

Thanks! Whenever you come to town--give me a ring or something so you can have first hand experience with Crazy herself.