Sunday, July 6, 2008

I like New Posts

So I really love the whole blogging thing, which makes me also love adding new posts so friends & family can see what's happening in our lives. Little V has made leaps and strides in the walking department, and we're very proud of her accomplishments. As many of you know, she likes to use her gross motor skills right before that "developmental" deadline.

She took her first steps in May, but consistently cruised along furniture since that time. It's amazing how she's progressed (literally overnight) and how it comes out of nowhere. I remember asking Ben, "So when is it considered walking?" Last Wednesday as we were in the waiting room for my ultrasound, she began to walk towards me, then pivoted and went to the door and back to daddy. Ben looked at me and said, "I consider that walking!"

Although she is still plopping or even falling down as she walks, she is definitely walking. Our friend Carol said, "Yeah she's walking, we call it 'Toddle-toddle-drop." Here is our video of her walking around at G&G's house, where she really took off.


a.a. said...

i had such a good time last weekend! it's so wonderful to be able to spend time with my sweet niece! she's so fun to play with and watch! i can't wait for baby #2 because then there will MORE cuteness to share! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun to see my little girl walking. Now the race is on! Love Mom