Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July at the Grandparents

We spent the weekend with family in the sun at G&G's house. V loved so many things, the pool, sun, Kali the dog, chocolate bars w/Bob, playing w/Grandma & Grandpa and walking everywhere.

V had her first taste of a S'more (evidence by the chocolate on her cheek) and is wondering why Grandpa isn't giving her more.

I was showing V how to work one of the water toys. She had tons o fun in the sun & water.
Grandpa & Grandma got everything ready for the arrival of their sweetpea, including the slide set, which V loved opening & shutting the door.
Auntie Amber playing in the kiddy pool with her wonderful niece. She's always good with V.


a.a. said...

yay! i made the blog!!!! :)

Jenny said...

I love all her facial expressions and don't even get me started on that swimsuit. I like your blog. It's like a surprise party when I check it. Will there be something new today...? Yes!

a.a. said...

i can't BELIEVE how hyper she got when she ate that chocolate! talk about CUUUUUTE! :) grandpa's naughty.

Anonymous said...

I just love all the blogs about my precious angel. The relationship she has with Amber and her G&G Scellick is so great. I hope that someday I will have that too...I am going to miss all of you...Love Mom