Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day in the Life

If you're familiar with The Beatles, then most likely you're familiar with their song, "A Day in the Life," (great song I might add) but it has nothing to do with being a parent. Here is a day in the life of spending the day with Veronica.

Here she is thoroughly enjoying her strawberry, oatmeal & plain yogurt mixture. She also likes to wear it.

Veronica decided that she likes her crayons out of that neat little green/yellow box and inside her converse shoe box instead.

I decided that I would put Veronica in a big chair instead of her high chair. She really enjoyed being able to eat and drink at the big table. She was so cute sitting cross-legged and eating Cheerios. I especially like her cheesy smile in the first photo--it looks so staged.

While we were at the park with our weekly playgroup, one of the baby's daddy (who is a EMT/firefighter) came and Veronica was able to experience a firetruck first hand. She enjoyed examining the back end of the truck.

She really liked watching the water works more than the water actually touching her. She really likes being in water, but this water was a bit cold and intimidating as it sprung from the ground.

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