Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I enjoy birthdays...or better yet...I enjoy anytime I get to open presents. This year I had some gifts waiting to be opened a whole week before my birthday, which is near torture. I restrained and invoked the spirit of self-control. I'm sure glad I did, b/c it made my birthday feel a bit more special.
Meet Veronica the Butterfly!

It was even more fun to have little on the bed with Ben and me, while she helped me unwrap each gift. She thoroughly enjoyed the ripping of the paper. After we opened presents and took showers--we packed up to go to Seattle for the day. We first stopped at Auntie Amber's house, where balloons were awaiting our arrival. That's was very sweet, especially since Veronica takes a special delight in, "bawoons." The main objective in going to Amber's was for little to take a nap, but she decided that her will was much stronger than ours. Plus, she had Kali the dog (one of her cousins), Auntie Amber, and balloons sitting on the other side of the door.

We met up with our friends, the Scheids, and went to Woodland Park Zoo. It wasn't bad, but I think I've realized how amazing SeaWorld is in comparison. I also think Veronica would enjoy SeaWorld more, too. She was definitely tired, so the animals weren't as cool, unless they were close up.They're looking at a jaguar here--it was super close and Veronica got a bit nervous by it.

We went to get coffee afterwards--nice relief for pregnant mommas and then to dinner (another relief). We decided to stop in to Toys-R-Us, which I believe was the highlight of the day. Both little girls enjoyed every moment of their visit to the toy store. Actually, it wasn't just the little girls, but also one big girl in particular--Biz. She kept saying, "look at this? mean they have these too?" Total amazement!

We thought maybe it would have been more successful to use the money spent for Zoo entrance to spend on a toy.
Looking at monkeys. Actually, they have a different name than just monkeys--but I don't remember.
Enjoying a blissful afternoon of sitting on daddy's lap and identifying the ducks.


amy said...

So glad you had a nice birthday! The pictures are great.
I am so impressed that Veronica can say balloons! Ava says very few words.
That will be helpful when she needs to talk to her baby brother or sister through your belly.
We always read "Inside, Outside, Upside down" (it's Bernstein) to help the littlest one understand the baby being inside. Exciting times.

a.a. said...

what a cute little butterfly!!! :)

Paige said...

What fun! I love the picture of Veronica as a butterfly. Now I am really excited to take Pear to the zoo.