Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I enjoy birthdays...or better yet...I enjoy anytime I get to open presents. This year I had some gifts waiting to be opened a whole week before my birthday, which is near torture. I restrained and invoked the spirit of self-control. I'm sure glad I did, b/c it made my birthday feel a bit more special.
Meet Veronica the Butterfly!

It was even more fun to have little on the bed with Ben and me, while she helped me unwrap each gift. She thoroughly enjoyed the ripping of the paper. After we opened presents and took showers--we packed up to go to Seattle for the day. We first stopped at Auntie Amber's house, where balloons were awaiting our arrival. That's was very sweet, especially since Veronica takes a special delight in, "bawoons." The main objective in going to Amber's was for little to take a nap, but she decided that her will was much stronger than ours. Plus, she had Kali the dog (one of her cousins), Auntie Amber, and balloons sitting on the other side of the door.

We met up with our friends, the Scheids, and went to Woodland Park Zoo. It wasn't bad, but I think I've realized how amazing SeaWorld is in comparison. I also think Veronica would enjoy SeaWorld more, too. She was definitely tired, so the animals weren't as cool, unless they were close up.They're looking at a jaguar here--it was super close and Veronica got a bit nervous by it.

We went to get coffee afterwards--nice relief for pregnant mommas and then to dinner (another relief). We decided to stop in to Toys-R-Us, which I believe was the highlight of the day. Both little girls enjoyed every moment of their visit to the toy store. Actually, it wasn't just the little girls, but also one big girl in particular--Biz. She kept saying, "look at this? mean they have these too?" Total amazement!

We thought maybe it would have been more successful to use the money spent for Zoo entrance to spend on a toy.
Looking at monkeys. Actually, they have a different name than just monkeys--but I don't remember.
Enjoying a blissful afternoon of sitting on daddy's lap and identifying the ducks.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Riding with Friend

Our friends had a baby girl about 5 weeks before Veronica was born, and now they're due around 6 weeks before us this second time around. Their daughter is one of Veronica's closest friends, or should I say, one of her only friends (they're forced to be friends for now and hopefully they'll "want" to be friends later). Here is the two of them enjoying a car ride together. Here's what could be in store for us (in 15 years).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Understanding "Cheese"

And being photogenic. Not as though I'm surprised since this is the little girl who could be in the middle of public meltdown and suddenly perk up to say hi to a complete stranger (she has to flash those pearly whites). She loves being able to see her photo after I've taken it (oh the joy of modern technology and the world where photo processing is near obsolete).

This is just extra--she moves SUPER fast if she sees the fridge open, or even slightly hears it opening.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here is our Professor Doolittle: her resume exceeds so many expectations with most people's requirements. I mean, just look at this face, it says more than I can ever write about her.

One of her infatuations was putting her fingers in her nose. She did it simply to get a reaction from me. Now she'll say, "Nooo!?" as she puts her finger in her nose, but this is only occasional. What she does is the above by putting both fingers in her ears. It's so funny. Ben and I wondered if she was doing it due to a picture in one of her favorite books, where the boy has his finger in his ear.

She has been laughing more & more lately. I asked her to smile for the camera and this is what she gave me, which made me happy to get a great smile from my fabulous girl.V in cognito. She loves to put this hat on and go over to the mirror to see herself with it on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Little loves, no LOVES, no LOVES water, whether it be drinking it, bathing in it, or playing in it. Today as I was watering my plants she was standing next to me and stuck her hand in the watering pot to swish around. She did this more than once. Then, she put her hand in the watered plant to get the water. Unfortunately, it was mixed with soil, which meant a little hand covered in potting soil.

You would think by looking at these pictures that she stayed completely dry while playing with water--right? Well, you'd be wrong, because here's what she really looked like--front view.I filled up her bowl many times, which meant the more wet with each refilling. Like I said, she LOVES water.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake & throwing rocks

My mom is in town for the week, so Ben took a day off and we went to Silver Lake in the afternoon. Little V really loved being able to throw rocks into the lake. After each time she threw a rock, she would raise her arm in the air after each throw (as though she was telling us that she was pretty darn amazing, which she is of course). I have been thinking lately that she might pick up softball with her mad throwing skills.

Before having V, I realize how much freedom Ben and I had as what we call, "single married life (w/o children)." We had a lot of fun together before V was born and there are times when I miss those times, but we would definitely never give up what we have with V now. Ben mentioned how boring our life was before she was born--and I have to agree that this little girl definitely brightens our day. I can't help but think how wonderful it is to see her little face looking at me as I enter her bedroom every morning, along with her little jabbering.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daddy's Girl

I think it's okay for me to use the word "always" when I refer to little V preferring me over anyone else in the world...that is until recently. She has taken more notice of the taller, older man that leaves the house before she wakes up and comes back around five o'clock--we like to call him, "daddy or papa," or I call him Ben. It is very sweet and endearing for me to watch how she is really loving to be with her daddy. Many evenings before papa comes home she instinctively knows his return is near. She'll go to the door and try to open the handle, while saying, "dada?" This is one of my current favorite pictures of my two favorite people.

One thing little really loves about G&G's house is all the new toys she gets to play with while she's there. Grandma is so good to have the toys in their baskets awaiting a little girl to pull them out and throw them EVERYWHERE. She has always enjoyed the little plastic purse, which has the biggest lipstick anyone has ever seen (of course it's not real). Here she is putting it on her lips, some of it went on her nose. I guess that's what happens when it's so HUGE.

When people see V & me they typically ask who she looks like most, mainly b/c they can't see the resemblance between the two of us. Many people say, "oh, she looks like her dad." However, I was just looking at some photos of me when I was her age and we have many resemblances and I think this photo shows some of them. Maybe I'm the only one who sees it.

Another thing little likes about G&G's house is Grandpa giving her sweet things that mommy normally doesn't give her. She had her first s'more and of course loved every bit of it. She ended up opening the graham cracker to pull out the chocolate (she's SO my daughter). Needless to say, she went to bed a whole hour later that night, b/c she was running around the house on a sugar high.

She likes corn and I thought this picture would be a fun one. I wondered if V would try and bite the corn on the cob I had in my mouth. Here's the outcome...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I like New Posts

So I really love the whole blogging thing, which makes me also love adding new posts so friends & family can see what's happening in our lives. Little V has made leaps and strides in the walking department, and we're very proud of her accomplishments. As many of you know, she likes to use her gross motor skills right before that "developmental" deadline.

She took her first steps in May, but consistently cruised along furniture since that time. It's amazing how she's progressed (literally overnight) and how it comes out of nowhere. I remember asking Ben, "So when is it considered walking?" Last Wednesday as we were in the waiting room for my ultrasound, she began to walk towards me, then pivoted and went to the door and back to daddy. Ben looked at me and said, "I consider that walking!"

Although she is still plopping or even falling down as she walks, she is definitely walking. Our friend Carol said, "Yeah she's walking, we call it 'Toddle-toddle-drop." Here is our video of her walking around at G&G's house, where she really took off.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July at the Grandparents

We spent the weekend with family in the sun at G&G's house. V loved so many things, the pool, sun, Kali the dog, chocolate bars w/Bob, playing w/Grandma & Grandpa and walking everywhere.

V had her first taste of a S'more (evidence by the chocolate on her cheek) and is wondering why Grandpa isn't giving her more.

I was showing V how to work one of the water toys. She had tons o fun in the sun & water.
Grandpa & Grandma got everything ready for the arrival of their sweetpea, including the slide set, which V loved opening & shutting the door.
Auntie Amber playing in the kiddy pool with her wonderful niece. She's always good with V.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day in the Life

If you're familiar with The Beatles, then most likely you're familiar with their song, "A Day in the Life," (great song I might add) but it has nothing to do with being a parent. Here is a day in the life of spending the day with Veronica.

Here she is thoroughly enjoying her strawberry, oatmeal & plain yogurt mixture. She also likes to wear it.

Veronica decided that she likes her crayons out of that neat little green/yellow box and inside her converse shoe box instead.

I decided that I would put Veronica in a big chair instead of her high chair. She really enjoyed being able to eat and drink at the big table. She was so cute sitting cross-legged and eating Cheerios. I especially like her cheesy smile in the first photo--it looks so staged.

While we were at the park with our weekly playgroup, one of the baby's daddy (who is a EMT/firefighter) came and Veronica was able to experience a firetruck first hand. She enjoyed examining the back end of the truck.

She really liked watching the water works more than the water actually touching her. She really likes being in water, but this water was a bit cold and intimidating as it sprung from the ground.

We're having a...., but we don't know if it will be a boy or girl. As you can tell from the pictures, we had our ultrasound and everything is looking good as far as the technician could tell.

I have definitely had more inclinations to find out the sex of the baby this time around, but as Ben and I talked about it, we agreed we'd be disappointed if we found out before the day of the birth. I guess you, along with us, will just have to wait until sometime in November. The technician said according to the size of the baby its due date is one day earlier--the 25th. We'll see--it's all relative to me. Can you make out what everything is in the pictures? If not, it's labeled--like the one that says, "baby," in case you couldn't figure it out.

When you look at the face & hands picture you can really see the eyes, nose & mouth of the baby. It can also be confusing when you first look at the picture if you don't know what to look for, so look for the two black holes and you'll see the eyes with the nose right below. Hope that helps.