Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did I mention...

...that our daughter is one of the silliest people we know? Here is her posing as a gypsy. I think this is one of my favorite pictures of her. This is her last 'mommy & me' dance class we were involved in during the Spring. She really liked being able to move around, look in the mirrors on the wall, watch the big kids move around, and DANCE with style.

Tactile & Messy
As a mother I am a proponent of children (mine in particular) exploring tactilely with their food, and have encouraged this since Veronica started eating solids. I figure the mess is a normal part of babies & children and would rather not try to keep her clean, causing her to not want to try new foods. So far it seems like it's working since she likes a variety of foods.

However, this whole exploring food thing does backfire on me occasionally; like when you serve some yogurt for breakfast and she's eating well and the mom (say me) turns her head for a second, only to find that her daughter (say Veronica) has put her yogurt covered hands all over her hair. Needless to say--we took a shower.

She is also getting closer and closer to walking independently and it's really amazing to see this whole process. Just in the past two days she's really taken off in the mobility department. I was holding her and set her down. Normally, she will plop on her bottom; but, this time she kept her legs straight and just stood there...and continued to stand there...and a little longer. The best part was her face as she looked down at her legs & feet and then up at me. I'm sure she was thinking, "Look at how amazing I am mama--I'm doing it by myself!"

It's amazing how fresh air mixed with sunshine can change a toddler's day (and her attitude). We try to go out everyday. Well, it's more like Veronica makes sure of it (not that I disagree). She likes going out on the deck and playing in her inflatable duck tub.

Last Friday I blew it up, put her swimsuit on, and filled up the ducky with water. She really liked it. In fact, I haven't deflated it yet so everyday she wants to go out and simply sit in her empty duck tub and play with some toys. Another thing she likes about the deck is picking up some of the soil from my lavender plant pot and dropping it...over and over and over again.

Many Faces

has many faces throughout the day. Here are some of her playing peek-a-boo with me as I perch over a chair taking snap shots. She was so cute doing this.

She also really likes putting her finger in her nose and waiting for me to say, "Veronica, get your finger out of your nose." After which she laughs and keeps it there. I try to ignore it and hopefully this doesn't turn into a bad habit.

I also sing a song to her which requires me to stick my tongue out during part of it. She loves the song and just today I noticed her sticking her tongue out and humming that part of the song.

That's a day in our life--sounds like a lot, but it probably all took place within two hours or less and I'm only showing you a portion of it.


Paige said...

You are such a good mom! I am inspired and encouraged when I read your blog.

Veronica is really starting to walk that's great! The gumdrop song is too cute.

Jenny said...

I love the "whooooooooa" all the way to you in the walking video. What a beautiful little person.