Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrating 10 years & 6 years

When I woke up this morning, Ben reminded me that we met 10 years ago today. It just happens to fall on his mom's birthday. Well, four years & two days after we met is the day we got married.

When Veronica & I got home this morning from our Thursday playgroup, I had a wonderful bouquet of flowers awaiting me. I thought it was for our upcoming six year anniversary, but inside the card it read, "Happy 10 years!" I'm reminded quite frequently that I married a wonderful person.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it looks like you are married to a wonderful, great guy.

Anonymous said...

I'll say. I would take extra care of him. What a hunk.

a.a. said...

Remind Ben that every time he does something like this, husbands/boyfriends all over the world are getting glared at by their women.

Michelle said...

Oh that's so sweet!