Thursday, May 8, 2008

The value of walking later

As many of you know, little Veronica has not begun to walk without holding onto furniture or us quite yet. Just in the past week I have realized what a blessing it has been that Veronica is taking her time in this arena, which may get you a bit surprised to read.

Here's why...children who are crawling at the typical 8-10 month age and walking three months after this or so give their mommies a run for their money. Also, children in this age range don't have the same language or cognitive development that a 15-16 month old does. I have been able to tell Veronica "No touch" at this age and she will listen and respond to it accordingly; whereas, saying that to a 9 month old will be different in their comprehension and output.

After I say 'No touch,' Veronica will point to the object and look at me and say, 'No." Then, I will respond, "you're right--no touch, good girl." Now with Veronica being this age and not walking, she is able to not get into as many items (which leaves me less blurry eyed) and I'm thankful for it. However, she is getting more confident and strong everyday in this walking department.


Paige said...

I agree completely. Good observation. Pear comprehends although she doesn't always want to obey. We are working on that. Pear still doesn't seem to have any desire to walk. That's okay with me!

a.a. said...

It's so cute when she says NO!!!! let's just work on "Auntie Amber" next....