Thursday, May 1, 2008

On Pregnancy...

I have to say, pregnancy is a very weird thing. All of these hormones raging inside of my body, making me ravenously hungry for Olive Garden one second and then fish & chips from White Rock the next. It's predictable, but not. Predictable in the sense that I know my body needs to consistently have food inside, or else a scary monster comes roaring out. Unpredictable, b/c sauted onions that are normally a culinary delight, smell absolutely rancid. It's also unpredictable, b/c foods that I could or couldn't stomach while pregnant with Veronica are completely opposite with this one.

I did forget how tired I would get while pregnant with Veronica, and I am definitely more fatigued the second time around (due to caring for Veronica). I am 10 weeks pregnant at this moment, which marks the end of the embryonic stage and the beginning of the fetal period. I have my first appointment in two weeks with a midwife. We are planning to have a homebirth with this one and intend to not find out the sex (as my friend Biz said she thinks that decision is harder on her {as well as my mother-in-law}). We also have not begun to think of names, b/c we don't have as much time to romance over the thought of child number two.

Now mind you, we are very happy about #2, it's just we have our hands full. With that said, sometimes I wonder if I was smart in trying for number two this soon, even though I think this is a good time in general. I just can't help but remember how tired & emotional I was in those early months. That's probably why we're not romancing over baby two. better go and make sure Veronica doesn't tear anything else apart in the house.

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