Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kamille's Part 1 of Top Kitchen Items

The funny thing about blog land is you really have no idea who is actually reading it and how many people are reading it, which makes your efforts in writing feel a bit pointless at times. What I have decided is if Amber is the only reading--then I'm okay with that and will continue to write my thoughts and post pictures.

I've been thinking about all the wonderful gadgets, tools, pans, utensils (or whatever you'd like to call them) found in the kitchen as of late. Here are a few of my current favorites:

1. Wooden spoon: I think most people would agree with me on this one. Sometimes it's that old spoon that is chipped due to the dog biting off part of it, wait, that's my mother-in-law's spoon. I'm talking about the non-chipped ones, which are great for stirring spaghetti sauce, mixing cookie dough the old fashioned way, or making caramel sauce...and so much more. They actually do tests on which is the best wooden spoon for your buck and overall use in Cook's Illustrated Magazine.

2. Kitchen Aid Mixer: Okay, so if you don't enjoy cooking and your idea of dinner is pressing three minutes on the microwave, I would suggest you not buy this. However, if you like baking or cooking on a more upbeat note, then this is a great investment. The Kitchen Aid has many attachments and I've used mine to make pizza dough to mixing cake batters (essential for a cake) to making ice cream. Hands down one of the best inventions!

3. Good Chef Knife: Personally, I don't have one; however, I'm hoping to change that status very soon. This is probably one of the most important items in a kitchen; because, a good Chef knife can virtually accomplish all your cutting needs, making the chopping option on your food processor void.

More for later!


a.a. said...

Haha. I doubt I am the only one that reads your blog... but i MAY be the only one who checks it at least twice per day. :) a.a. (auntie amber)

a.a. said...

HA! Your comments on teh Kitchen Aid Mixer is like you're talking directly to me. I don't like to spend more than 3 minutes on dinner... and i prefer to spend those 3 minutes standing in front of the microwave. :)

Ben Scellick said...

Ben's list of top bathroom items:
1. Toilet Paper - Where would we be without toilet paper? Our pants sure would be a lot messier.
2. Toothbrush - Essential for clean teeth. Also comes in handy if you are out of top bathroom item #1.
3. Magazine - It is best to have a magazine you haven't read yet for those long, cold winter afternoons you spend curled up on the toilet.

a.a. said...

Curled up on the toilet..... I'm shocked at your husband, Kamille! What kind of mother would raise such a crude son! Has he no manners?????? ;)


I know--I will apologize for his mother right now, Sorry! & I will tell Ben that he must go to the store and get cinnamon gummy bears for me.