Friday, May 16, 2008

Are first visits always like this?

So there I am in the room, which is a nice birthing suite, and I had to refill out paperwork, b/c I left mine at home. We went over the typical Q&A stuff, they let me know that they would need to draw blood, take a urine sample, and if I wanted to we could try to hear the baby's heartbeat. Of course, the only thing I wanted to do was hear the baby's heartbeat.

The blood drawing procedure was a bit much, since I was poked five times and they still couldn't get any blood out of me. I had prepared them by saying that they would most likely need to use my hand, b/c my veins pretty much suck. Then, they poke--it's not working. Try again--nope. The third idea was to put my hand under warm water to get the blood flowing and the vein very visible. Well, the vein was visible, but no blood would flow. I think I questioned whether I was actually alive at one point. Then they suggested I run around the building to get my blood flowing even more.

I return and there I am walking into the building sweating, breathing heavily, and thinking this better work. Two more pokes later and nothing. Meanwhile, one of them is saying after the second poke (pre-water & running) that maybe I was dehydrated, b/c if you don't have enough water in your system then your blood doesn't flow as well. I couldn't help but think of the Wedding Singer, "That information would of been useful YESTERDAY!"

Now I get to go to the lab and hopefully it will work--if it doesn't I think I will declare myself a mummy. Finally, I get to lay down to see if the doppler will pick up a heartbeat. It did, only it wasn't the baby's, it was mine. So I would call that appointment as uneventful, aside from the fact that they got a urine sample from me. Good times!

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a.a. said...

I love the Wedding Singer! My fav scene is when John Lovitz tells Drew Barrimore: "Good luck finding a DJ that can move... and shake... like thhhhhiiiiiiisssss"