Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adding another title to my name

I have thought about how Ben and I might have our third kid by the time our kids get some cousins. I have also thought about all I know is for my child to be fondled over & loved by my parents & siblings, and I had no idea what it would be like to rejoice in being an aunt.

All of that changed last night when I got a call from my brother Willy telling me I'm going to be an aunt. When he said that I couldn't help but think he was saying Adrienne will be an aunt and me thinking, "well yeah duh--she already is." Then, my brain started functioning properly again and it wasn't him that was the duh person, but me. So--I now not only have wife, daughter, sister, and mother on my job titles, but also "Aunt." I like the ring to it. Ben also gets to add "uncle" and Veronica can add "cousin."

I'm also happy to know that I get to be pregnant at the same time as my sister-in-law Adrienne (and we'll both be going through sleep deprivation around the same time as well).

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