Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lots of learning

I am amazed at how much children absorb and pick up as their own. Veronica & I were in Cost Co yesterday and she pointed up at one of tents they had on display. She was wanting to know what it was, so I said, "Tent--it's a tent." Then she replied, "tehn?" "Yes, tent," I said. "Ohh, tehn."

Later on that day I was changing her diaper and she was un-velcroing her diaper, at which I said, "No," then "Stop." She replied, "stop?" "That's right, Stop."

Right before bedtime we were looking at one of her books (it's her baby's first words book she got for Tire Day 2008). She really enjoys this book and as we were looking at it together she turned the page to the baby in the bath. I pointed to the bath and said, "Bath." Then, she looked at me and pointed at the bath and repeated, "bath?" "Yeah--that's right," I said.

She also continues to get more and more confident in walking around furniture, pulling herself up, and even venturing towards the stairs to make her way up them. Since Veronica has never used the traditional method of crawling, it has made it harder to push herself up into a sitting position. Although I know she has been capable of doing it for a long time now (b/c I've seen her do it), it wasn't until yesterday that she realized this for herself.

I have been putting my finger under her armpits to make it seem like I'm helping her (even though clearly she's doing all the work and I'm only there for moral support). Well, yesterday I told her she could do and told her, "lift yourself up." She whined a bit, but then she did it. I showered her with praise, which perked her right up. Then, a bit later she lifted up again and I exclaimed, "YEAA--you did it! (as I clapped my hands)" She lifted her hands in the air to state that indeed she had done it all by herself and then started clapping as well.

Now when she lifts up by herself she'll start clapping for herself. Sorry I don't have pictures for you, but maybe I can get a video of it and post it later.

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